Jade Holland Fights For It

Australian Country Star, Jade Holland, has been consistently sharing her story with audiences across the globe over the past three years with singles like, the Multimillion streaming Drive Thru, International Award winning That’s The Wine, the 2019 Charting Townsville Flood appeal charity song Lives on the Lawn and 2020’s breakout hit, Do It Right.

Now her follow up single, Fight For It, is out now and no doubt is poised to become an anthem for a world struggling to recover from COVID fatigue. As Ambassador for Mental Awareness Foundation, Jade made history last Sunday as she debuts Fight For It at the annual Walk for Awareness event in Brisbane in front of tens of thousands of Queenslanders. The official video will be filmed that day with a cast of thousands. Jade tells Hi Fi Way more.

Congratulations on the single, you must be really proud of this one?
Thank you so much! This song has really opened my eyes! I’m incredibly grateful it’s been received with such open arms! It’s really special to me.

Is it hard to think about how important this song is and will be to so many people right now?
Absolutely! I was so scared that if we wrote it with the wrong kind of message it wouldn’t have been embraced like it has. I really wanted this to be someone’s anthem! If they are having a tough day, they could sit in the car and sing this at the top of their lungs and know that they are not alone, and there are people out there feeling the same.

Did you find writing the song quite cathartic?
Oh incredibly so! I’ve always found song writing like a free therapy session. But this one, writing it with Bryce Sainty and Sinead Burgess, was a little confronting as well because I had never told my friends about my own battles with mental health, so it was actually confronting at first but really freeing to talk about it and then they opened up about their own struggles. We definitely had a moment.

Did you find that the song pretty much wrote itself?
It really did, there was so much content to write about but we definitely had to focus on the story we wanted to tell here.

Are you alarmed by the mental health statistics around COVID and how much a problem this will be for quite a while?
Oh absolutely! It’s so horrible to know that so people are struggling at the moment and to know that last year we would lose 8 Australians per day to suicide and now its 9 Australians per day!

How did you get involved with the Mental Health Foundation?
Last year at the beginning of covid the Mental Awareness Foundation had approached me and asked if I would become one of their ambassadors. I was incredibly honoured to be asked and I am so grateful to be part of such a great cause!

Have you learnt a lot about your own personal resilience during COVID?
Yes definitely. Covid was really a huge test. I know that I felt like I had lost a bit of my purpose here on earth but I think creating music and working through the struggles of not being able to record in an actual studio etc made me become more creative as to how I would do things, and more resilient in general.

Are you building towards an EP or an album?
It’s a secret! Yes something is coming!

Are you hopeful about being able to play live this year?
My fingers are crossed! I would love nothing more than to get back out on the road! I miss music! I miss people! I miss the life!

What’s next for Jade Holland?
At this stage I am still writing a lot and promoting this brand new single. This song has lot of fight in it and I want the world to hear it!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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