Exciting Country Singer Taylor Moss Releases New Single ‘Chaser’

Taylor Moss, one of Australia’s most exciting young Country singer songwriters, has dropped brand new single Chaser. Instantly memorable, Chaser is a hypnotic country/blues/pop tune that lyrically compares her ex to low grade, bottom shelf grog… she’s not holding back! Taylor sat down with all-round good bloke Andrew Swift to write the song, with production helmed by Melbourne duo M2. The result is a fabulous, slow hand country sound that showcases her effortless ability to nail a soulful styled vocal.

Chaser comes off the back of two kick-ass country singles in the last twelve months, the result of Taylor’s collaboration with producer Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas, Sheppard). The first Ain’t No Girly Girl was added to Spotify`s Fresh Country playlist on release; she was made Fresh Country Cover star for three weeks over Christmas and the track has been in the top ten for the past three months. Globally it has chalked up more than 1.5 million streams. Her follow up single, You Ain’t Getting A Song was released on April 9 and is a cautionary tale to all the blokes out there who might be dating a songwriter! Taylor answered a few questions about the single for Hi Fi Way.

How has the build-up been to the new single Chaser?
It’s always super exciting releasing a new single! The build-up for each single there’s always a lot to do. You’ve got to finish producing the track, do a photoshoot for the cover art and upload to track to the distribution website. Its super satisfying and rewarding once you’ve got all the assets ready for everyone to hear!

What is the background behind the single?
I had written in my phone ‘I need a chaser, after my shot with you’ for about two years. When we hit the first global lockdown I messaged my good mate Andrew Swift to write co-write. I started the session off with that line and Andrew said ‘Hell yeah, lets write that concept’. We wrote the song in three hours. The concept of the song is no one should feel in a relationship they are bottom shelf liquor. So, go get yourself a good chaser.

What has the fan response been like so far?
I’ve had lots of messages from fans saying how relatable it is! We’ve all dated someone who wasn’t good for us. I mean, that’s why are they ex’s, right? I want to continue to write songs that people can sing a lot to and relate. We’re all humans who experience all forms of emotions throughout our life and the best way to deal with them is to express. If my creative expression helps others, then I’ve done my job.

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
This track is a lot different to previous singles. It’s a 6/8 track! With more soulful melodies, bluesy undertones with country pop production. It’s slower than my previous tracks but I’ve been told it’s a little bit of an ear worm and gets stuck in people’s heads.

Are you building towards an album or EP?
Not just yet! I’m going to keep releasing singles. I’m an independent self-funded artist and it’s more in my budget to continue with singles. I’m going to keep releasing singles often, so in twelve months I’ll technically have a six track EP released. I’ll just drop new song every three months 😉

Does the music come before the lyrics?
Personally when I write, I come up with a concept and usually a metaphor about something I’ve personally experienced. Music and lyrics then come at the same time. Every song has its own unique path though. Sometimes the arrangement changes. I believe a song is never complete until it’s produced and ready for release.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for Taylor Moss?
Oooh! I have two people that have really influenced and inspired me. Keith Urban and Hayley Williams. Keith, well because I grew up listening to every album. I love his voice, guitar playing and song writing. His songs are so catchy and well produced. Next is Hayley Williams, Lead singer of Paramore. She has an powerful voice, incredible stage presence and honest songs. I love how raw and open she is as an artist. Vocally I want to excel like her!

Did you lose much momentum last year due to the pandemic?
Yes, I definitely lost performing momentum but I kept writing and releasing as much as I could. I didn’t want to lose my online presence and creativity. I was used to playing loads of shows so it allowed me to be more creative without working. It definitely sucked not performing but I made the most of my time.

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country this year?
I cannot wait for this! I think as a country we are all waiting for the borders to open. It will nice to be all united through music again.

What’s next for Taylor Moss?
New single! Out in November. This is probably one of my favourite songs by far. Its a super empowering song for women. I wrote it with my best friend. It’s a song about girls just getting each other. I don’t want to give too much away yet but I’m very excited for this release. I hope all the girls out there can relate to it.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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