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International melodic death metal band ACT OF DENIAL have released their new album Negative digitally and on CD via Crusader Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group). Negative has received huge critical acclaim and will establish the band as a true metal powerhouse.

The band recently released a new single Your Dark Desires featuring a ripping guitar solo from virtuoso Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Guns ‘N Roses, Sons of Apollo). To celebrate the release of the album, Act of Denial have unleashed a lyric video for the track.

Negative is a project that features some of the biggest names in rock and metal, and offers powerful and melodic death metal that takes the listener back to the late 90s and early 2000s. Combining aggression with majestic and melancholic choruses, Negative is an album that creates tension, both musically and lyrically, and keeps the listener there from start to finish.

DEAD DIRTY DINOSAURS released their latest EP Too Many Questions: The Abbey Road Masters (Remastered) back in March through Riot Records. Now, the band is back and armed with some new Jurassic material.

The DDDs are back and sounding happy – Delirious in fact! The Brisbane trio DEAD DIRTY DINOSAURS have returned with their new single Delirious – a fast-paced chunk of indie guitar pop that tells a story of undying love and the joys that come along with keeping those flames burning. Delirious is available on all digital platforms.

CALLOW YOUTH epitomize everything that is great about Brit-rock. They are arguably the hottest young band to come out of Manchester in the last few years. After dropping their latest single and video Mad Machine just a few weeks ago, they have released another new single Bootleg, available on all digital platforms.

Bootleg pays homage to 60s psychedelia bands such as Cream, who, with songs like Tales of Brave Ulysses, show how powerful lyrics can be when accompanied with great music, and the effect they have on expanding the mind of the audience. Bootleg was written during a jam in the studio.

In April, CALLOW YOUTH released their latest EP Straight To The End, which featured the hit track Over Your Head.

SoCal punk rockers INFAMOUS STIFFS have unleashed their brand-new album Kill For The Sound via Die Laughing Records / Golden Robot Records, available on all digital platforms and vinyl LP. After recently releasing three absolutely scorching punk rock singles, Get It Straight, Shakedown and Freak Parade (accompanied by a video clip featuring an all-star punk rock cast), INFAMOUS STIFFS are now bringing you an album full of punk anthems, highlighted by high octane guitars, rapid-fire drums and snarling vocals.

Made during the lockdown in 2020 (safely), INFAMOUS STIFFS’ debut album Kill For The Sound explodes with all the intensity of a molotov cocktail smashing against a tyrant’s wall. Vicious melodies over a crushing wave of sound hit you like a smack in the face and wake up the angry kid in you, as you tap your toes and sing along. It makes you want to drive fast and hit repeat – broken glass never sounded so good!’

Bread & Butter Records UK are pleased to announce the brand new track by Honey MotelMilk & Honey.

The land of Milk & Honey. A term used to describe a place filled with hope, and opportunity. A place where all dreams come true and all of your endeavour pays off handsomely. Although nobody really knows what this place is, or where it is, it is a place all individuals depict differently within their own heads, which is the beauty and mystique of the term.

The track tells a story of how people’s hopes and aspirations stay alive on the prospect of Milk & Honey. The prospect of that better place, the prospect of helping others when you get there and allowing them to get there too. The track describes how confused most of us are when we ponder life’s questions, also how lost we are when we cannot answer them and turn to simpler more digestible distractions.

Self-proclaimed emo-gressive punk rockers Crossing I’s Dotting T’s have released their self-titled debut EP via Riot Records, out now on all digital platforms. The EP was preceded by the singles Dissatisfied and Regret Stained Memories. The band’s influences come to the fore in this 4-track EP, which touches on topics such as societal pressure, relationships, loss, and living life with no regrets.

Crossing I’s Dotting T’s morphs raw, aggressive punk rock with pop-punk/emo rock to create a unique sound that can make you feel your emotions while simultaneously making you bounce.

The EP was produced and engineered at Pale Moon Audio by Alex Estrada (known for his work with Joyce Manor, Touche Amore, Nails, Silver Snakes and many more), as well as being mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studios, who is well known for his work with Deafheaven and other icons.

Born from the embers of the vibrant Toronto punk scene, SMASHED GLADYS formed in 1984 and then headed to New York City. The band was headed by vocalist Sally Cato and were snapped up by Elektra Records, becoming part of the legendary glam / hair metal scene.

Cato sadly passed away in 2020 and Golden Robot Records are proud to bring you new material in her honour. Smashed Gladys recorded these songs as demos for their third album, which has now been remixed.

The first two singles Bump In The Night and Go To Hell were recently released to emphatic fan approval. Now their third single, Never Take No, is out on all digital platforms.

A punk rock attitude and an arena guitar anthem all came together under the supervision of the iconic Gene Simmons, who produced this track in 1983, and Never Take No was ultimately created. In this previously unreleased recording, Sally Cato’s vocals are the epitome of tough girl and Bart Lewis’ guitar soars. Get ready to raise your arms in the air for SMASHED GLADYS in what is sure to be a must on every rockin’ playlist.

After recently signing a global record deal with Golden Robot Records, Montreal glitter punk outfit DANGEREENS have released their first single through the label, Streets of Doom! Out now, the single is available on all digital platforms.

Dubbed the most elegantly decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century, DANGEREENS’ single Streets of Doom takes you back to the glory days of 70’s glitter rock. One listen and the influences will come pouring out and transport you back into one of the finest ever rock eras!

Streets of Doom is a contemporary, deadbeat take on a Homeresque tragedy, describing the thoughts and feelings of a hopelessly in love drug dealer. The song is built on a straight 4/4 throbbing rhythm section with syncopated accents, and features take-no-prisoner, oversaturated fuzzed-out guitars, and careless, snarly vocals.

GUERNICA MANCINI is best known as the powerhouse lead singer for Swedish all-female hard rockers THUNDERMOTHER. Now, she is ready to spread her wings and showcase her talent even further as a solo artist. Golden Robot Records is very excited to sign a worldwide solo deal with Guernica, as she is ready to work on her own. Guernica wants all her fans to know this doesn’t interfere with her duties in THUNDERMOTHER, as they are stronger than ever.

“Getting to do something creatively that’s completely my own is something that I’ve been longing to do since I was a very young girl. It’s scary but at the same time so exciting and fun! I feel very fortunate to have gotten this opportunity. More than anything I feel so happy that my bandmates in Thundermother are really supportive and excited for me. So now, let the Guernica solo legacy begin.” – Guernica Mancini

This isn’t Guernica’s first appearance with Golden Robot Records, as she featured on Swiss hard rock band King Zebra’s (signed to Golden Robot Records’ metal label Crusader Records) sizzling single and video Wall Of Confusion.

Psych rock outfit KILFEATHER released their latest full-length album Island of Forgotten Toys in November 2020 via Riot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group). Now, KILFEATHER return with their brand-new single Nightmares, which is now out on all digital platforms.

This brand-new single from KILFEATHER is a fast-paced ride to hell and back. Fueled by a relentless rhythm section and guitar riffs enshrouded in fuzz distortion, all provided by K. Kilfeather himself, Nightmares is a heavy punk-n-roll anthem fit to sing with your worst allies, or scream at your greatest enemies. 

Like an evil spirit that haunts people during their sleep, this frightening dream will usually awaken the sleeper in a cold sweat. Something such as an experience, situation, or having a monstrous character or “aggressor” of a nightmare can produce a feeling of anxiety or terror.

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