2019 – A Year Before Lockdown

Prior to COVID, life was a lot simpler.

Experiencing live music was a lot simpler.

Australian artists toured the country, Australian audiences filled the venues, and Australian photographers captured many of these shows.

This entire portion of our lives has been put on hold since the beginning of 2020, and everybody involved in the music industry is hurting.

2019 – A YEAR BEFORE LOCKDOWN is a short-run publication that documents life leading up to lockdown, where 58 Australian photographers captured 200+ Australian artists during simpler times.

Coordinated by Central Coast photographer, Kevin Bull, the project was not a small undertakingwith 12 months passing from inception until publication.

As Bull explains,
“I knew I had a big job on my hands when thousands of images started coming in. The artist approvals also took a lot longer than expected, but I feel that the resulting collection of Australian artists presents a wonderful snapshot. You flick through the pages and and you can visually see what was occurring ‘live-on-stage’ during the year leading up to lockdown.“

With $20 from each book sale going directly to Support Act,
“It was a natural for me to contact them about the book. There is money in the hands of music industry people in need that would not be there without SupportAct. And it’s a charity that is supporting the industry that I am directly working in… it was a no brainer.”

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