Wawawow Are Ready To Roll & Tour ‘Pink Elephant’

Sydney four-piece WAWAWOW are charged and ready to roll in July! They have announced their tour dates playing songs from their Pink Elephant album released in early 2020. Releasing their thirteen track album, which fused indie and electro with a great dash of psych-craziness and then having to cancel their 2020 tour due to the pandemic was a real roadblock. However the time off has meant that their live show is “as ridiculous and fun as possible, so this tour is about making things right again’. The band answer some questions about the tour and Pink Elephant.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
Honestly one of the hardest questions to answer! Some other linguistically gifted people have had some of the most unique phrases and made up words to describe our music, but in my own words I’d say our music is loud, heavy and relentless, but cheeky, upbeat and fun and the same time. It’s definitely ‘live’ music – our album is entirely based around an hour long non-stop, live set – something our drummer Shaun has a love/hate relationship with!

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
It’s tough to list the biggest one – we’ve always operated on a democratic process of songwriting, and with 4 people influenced by an eclectic range of genres we dip in and out of a lot of styles! Generally speaking the band appreciation of Queens of the Stone, King Gizzard, Rage Against the Machine, The Presets and Devo, as well as local legends Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Narla and Crocodylus has made probably the most notable impact on our sound.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Once I remember a conversation which went something like “If you’re not making money for it then why spend time doing things you don’t like?” Which definitely rang some bells in my head when it came to making music and songwriting. I It’s so rare to make a proper living from music, so why not make music purely for your own enjoyment? In bands you often end up chatting about what an audience or listener wants or expects and how to change your music to suit a discerning audience, but since we started writing music with the sole purpose of having the most fun while playing it, spending the time and effort making music has made a lot more sense.

How did Wawawow get together?
Three of us originally played drums, bass and guitar for a few years in a more contemporary rock focused 4 piece, and once that project ended we decided we wanted to make what we called ‘party music’ and basically break some rules. We switched out the bass for a synth, named ourselves after a guitar effect and Bob’s your uncle.

Tell us what people can expect from your July tour?
People can expect a wild and raucous night on any one of the shows we’ve got booked on our upcoming Quaranteen Spirit tour! We’ve got some amazing and unique supports at some great notable venues, all new outfits and a stage full of homemade party lights, not to mention a non-stop set full of frantic beats and riffs. In 2020 we were forced to cancel a slew of shows and our debut album tour when the ‘vid came into the industry like a wrecking ball, so given all the time we’ve had, the set is tight and we’re itching to get out on the road and make some noise.

Apart from the tour, what’s next for Wawawow?
Sadly our drummer and band-mum Shaun is leaving us for the greener pastures of mature adulthood, a child on the way and a long awaited move to Melbourne. The rest of us are keen to continue the party but so far we’re just looking to really send him off with a bang and really make him REGRET EVER LEAVING US because of how much fun we’re going to have. Jokes aside they will be very large shoes to fill, but we’re looking forward to a new chapter of WAWAWOW and some new releases in 2022.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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