Melody Pool On Returning To Adelaide

Melody Pool is on tour right now and has jumped through many hoops to be able to finish the tour off with the ever changing challenges that COVID restrictions have been thrown her way. Melody returns to Adelaide for the Trinity Sessions on Friday which promises to be a fantastic night, Melody answers a few questions about how the tour is going so far.

How has the tour gone so far?
Up and down really! We were off to a brilliant start with three sold out shows before COVID shut us down just as we got to Victoria for our Melbourne show! But every show really has been bloody wonderful none the less.

Which shows or moments on tour have stood out for you?
Definitely the first show at my local The Junkyard. The room was filled with people I know and love, there was so much warmth and excitement in the room, and I felt completely content in the moment. It was like an episode of This Is Your Life!

Has it been frustrating with COVID restrictions and so many moving parts that pose many challenges?
Of course it’s very frustrating, but funnily enough, while it’s a pain, everyone is in the same boat. In the past if you had to shift shows, or reschedule things, there was always a huge backlash! These days everyone knows it’s just the way the world has gone, so the pressure to keep up the facade has released a bit, which makes it easier to just get on with it and re-plan.

Are you looking forward to getting back to Adelaide?
Absolutely! We’ve been booked at Trinity Sessions multiple times over the last few years and it’s always fallen through. So keen to just get to South Australian and finally play that beautiful venue again! And to check out the Murray Delta Juke Joint in Goolwa as we’ve heard great things about it!

How have your new songs been received on tour?
So far, really great! I need the new material for myself in the set too, to keep things fresh for me and keep me interested as well. I’m super pleased (and relieved!) the new songs have had such a positive response.

Do you have any pre-show rituals you must do each show?
Not really in the past, but on this run I try to just make some time for myself backstage or before the show to centre myself so I can be present on stage and ground myself in my purpose on stage. I’ve done too many shows over the years where I’ve been kind of away with the fairies which never makes for a great show, so it was important to me this time to allow myself a few moments to get my shit together!

Will there been an album or EP at some stage this year?
Yes there sure will be. After July we’ll be working to finish it off so we can figure out a release date.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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