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Ok Adelaide! There’s some disappointing news but some exciting news too. While we don’t get the Hans does Sing-a-long to The Sound of Music he reassures us something very special is being planned just for Adelaide. While the International German Superstar can’t reveal it just yet, we will have to wait patiently. The Sing-a-long runs from June to August nationally in regional and main cities. In the meantime have a read of the interview he did with the Hi FI Way where we discussed the heavy issues like why didn’t J-Lo get an Oscar and all things The Sound of Music.

Why The Sound of Music? What’s the big deal with The Sound of Music?
It’s the world’s most beloved film. People love it all over the world. It was released in the 1960s and when it’s on television everyone is talking about it. It’s one of these things that appeals to older people, younger people. People have grown up with it their whole lives. I’ve grown up with it my whole life! It’s genuinely my favourite film! I love it!

Do you really know all the words to every song? 
Of course! But if you don’t know the words to every song the good news is at the version we do, they come up on the screen. So, it’s kind of like mass karaoke and it’s quite a hilarious night!

Of all the stars in the movie which one is most like you Hans? 
I would love to say Maria von Trapp, Julie Andrews but let’s be real it’s probably the Baroness. She’s desperately single, can’t catch a ball, not very fond of the children but always impeccably dressed. I think I can relate to that!

Perfect choice! So perfect! So, who would be the most annoying character in the movie? 
I mean the Nazi’s are not great but that’s from a historical context as well! Also, Rolf Liesel’s boyfriend who then turns on them at the minute, I mean we’ve all be there. We’ve all fallen in love with the wrong guy, haven’t we? Let’s be honest! It’s actually a life lesson, I think. Beware! Beware! No matter how attractive they might be they may have dodgy political leanings!

So, it’s also an educational movie on all matters of the heart!
I think so! Yes! Absolutely!

What are a few of your favourite things about Sound of Music? See what I did there? I threw that line in to make it seem like I’m on top of all things Sound of Music
Have you ever seen it?

Well, I was going to confess to you.
You’ve never seen it have you?

But I have been to Salzburg! To the cemetery. Does that count?
Yeah, ok but this is what I was going to say. I actually think that Salzburg is one of the things I like and when you’re there, doesn’t it look like it’s from a movie? It’s the most beautiful place ever! When you see the film on the big screen it’s actually quite overwhelming. It’s so beautifully shot and the scenery is so gorgeous. I think that’s one of ‘my favourite things’ about the film!

We missed out on Madonna in 2016. We missed out on Prince. We missed out on Justin Bieber in 2017. We missed out on Taylor Swift in 2018. We missed you at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe. Now we miss the Sing-along to The Sound of Music. Why does Adelaide always miss out on the big International Superstars? 
Yes, yes. Well, we’re working on it! But I also have something very very special planned just for Adelaide. We’re hoping to announce it very soon.

I was going to ask how you were going to make it up to us here in Adelaide because you really need to make it up to us!
I promise I am and when I can tell you what it is, you’ll understand. People have been very vocal on Facebook.

You can’t upset the Facebook crowd!
Oh, tell me about it! They love a bit of feedback!  

Can we perhaps get a sing-a-long to Flashdance? Beyonce’s Dreamgirls?
Oh, Dreamgirls would be good! That’s a good one. Or Spiceworld!

Or maybe we can make up the songs to J-Lo’s Hustler movie?
Ohhh yeah! Well, there’s a lot of Janet Jackson songs in the movie, so that would be good! I loved Hustlers! I was very upset that she didn’t get nominated for an Oscar. Even just a nomination. Maybe she didn’t deserve to win but she should’ve got something! 

Has anyone ever won an oscar for playing a prostitute?
She wasn’t a prostitute!!! She was a stripper.

Stripper. Same thing! Whoops!
Did Demi Moore win? She was a stripper in a movie.

Striptease was the movie but that was a flop!
Was that a flop?

Yes! That was panned by the critics.
But Hustlers was great! She was really good in it!

I believe you! I’ve seen it!
I think that the Academy will only accept J-Lo as a serious actor if she’s not beautiful.

Has she done any serious movies?
Come on! Selena!


Yes, that was Oscar worthy! Wasnt it!

Just the costumes alone!
The costumes! The songs! Yes, I love Selena! But you know what did win an Oscar? The Sound of Music – Best Picture!

There you go and ‘that brings us back to… doe!’ We finished back on The Sound of Music!
We’re going to do something in Adelaide. I promise!

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Tickets and show info at hansofficial.com

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