EVEN Announce New Single “Six Monkeys”

This Friday June 11, EVEN are set to release a fantastic new single called Six Monkeys.

Six Monkeys is a full-bodied heavy hitter from the Melbourne indie mainstays; a song that defines the term ‘jangle pop’ while making its presence felt with substantial gravitas and power. Built on a simple but irresistible lick from singer/guitarist Ash Naylor and a simple but thick rhythmic base from drummer Matt Cotter and bass player Wally Kempton, the song will wow lovers of hook-based early Even hits like Stop & Go Man, Black Umbrella and Mayfair Laundry Bus, as well as those taken with more majestic recent moments like Return to Stardust.

The single will be released digitally ahead of a limited edition 7″ coloured vinyl release. Both the digital and physical release can be pre-ordered now from the band via Bandcamp: https://even.bandcamp.com/album/six-monkeys

Ash Naylor spoke to Jane Gazzo on the hugely influential Sound As Ever (Australian Indie 90-99):private Facebook group’s page: “I don’t know why I chose SIX MONKEYS but it just sounded right at the time. Having a ‘monkey on your back’ is an old expression for the common feeling of being hung up about one thing or another. One day I picked up the guitar and this riff emerged and just kept going around and around….perhaps that explains why the song has no chorus, just a mantra.”

Six Monkeys is the first taste of Even’s eighth album, which will be out on El Reno later in the year.

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