Cosmic Psychos Return With New Album & Tour Dates

Cosmic Psychos are back with their epic new album, Mountain of Piss, featuring new single/video Sin Bin, slated for release on July 9 via their own label Go The Hack Records. Like a fine bottle of wine, these old bastards keep getting better with age. To celebrate the release, the band will host a Worldwide Livestream Event on July 1 before hitting the road for a bunch of tour dates in August.

Recorded late 2019 in Knighty’s shed on the farm, the finishing touches were put on Mountain of Piss right before COVID threw everything into chaos. Sitting on the album for a whole year worked out well though, as it gave Knighty a chance to get not only one, but two hip replacements.

“I’m told they are titanium, but being the public health system, they may be made from Balsa wood for all I know,” says Knight.

At any rate, Knighty feels like a new man, and is raring to get back out on tour now that he can walk!

The lead single, Sin Bin, is a beer soaked criticism of dickhead sporting culture. The video for the scathing critique is delivered on the farm with the punk riffs tearing through the earth harder than the excavators idling in the background.

When asked to describe the album, Knight said, “it’s round, inside a cover, which is square. Not that unlike any other best selling album by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, or AC/DC”.

Tickets and album pre orders are on sale now from

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