Rocky’s Pride And Joy Release “Time’s Up”

Fuelled with influential swirls of grunge and cool psychedelic sounds, Rocky’s Pride and Joy kicks off their second single release Time’s Up. Found on Spotify with their 2020 single Crawl, this band has potential to make modern waves within Australia’s music scene. Hailing from Kaurna Land (Adelaide), Rocky’s Pride and Joy have impressed crowds with their grunge influenced music and experimented with the genre by twisting sounds into a doom/fuzz rock style.

With dark, droning and addictive tunes, Rocky’s Pride and Joy can grab the crowd’s attention within the first song of any of their gigs. People immediately walked toward the stage in a trance-like state when the trio began playing at Adelaide’s UniBar on 25th of April 2021. Dom’s harsh and intense bass and Brenton’s guitar riffs are beautifully meshed with intriguing lyrics sung by Brenton and Jessi’s catchy drum beats. Individually, each band member is evidently talented and interesting and when performing together, their ferocity and magnetism are even more powerful.

Rocky’s Pride and Joy create and record their own music and band artwork, independently transforming themselves into a powerhouse group. Whispers of their next live shows in Adelaide are heard among the local music scene and excitement stirs for what awesome songs will transpire next for this dedicated band.

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