Sly Withers Single & Album On The Way

Perth indie rock outfit Sly Withers take the next big leap of their career today with the release of another sing-like-hell-to-the-heavens single, Clarkson, as well as announcing details of their new album, Gardens. The new record is scheduled for release June 11 via Dew Process records and Universal Music Australia.

With thunderous drums, grinding guitar chords, and a wall of vocals that blasts like your head’s been surrounded by a stack of stadium speakers Clarkson is a song that delivers spine tingle after spine tingle and is anthemic in the truest sense of the phrase. It’s a song you can instantly picture being sung back at the band a thousand-fold by an adoring crowd facing a festival stage.

It’s yet again indicative of what the band has been able to achieve throughout the recording process of Gardens with co-vocalists and guitarists Jono Mata and Sam Blitvich, as well as bassist Shea Moriarty and drummer Joel Neubecker, working alongside producer Matt Templeman (Make Them Suffer) to set their goals on not just being a great sounding Perth act, but an Australian act that can compete on the international stage.

Clarkson arrives with a brand-new video directed by regular collaborator Tim Elphick, who this time stripped the production down to its bare elements, capturing the band performing the single against a black backdrop, illuminated by Edison bulbs and contrasted against bunches of flowers that provide explosions of colour and create depth. It highlights not just the might of the song, but the power unleashed by the band when they take the stage.

In all the 12 songs on Gardens everything that makes up Sly Wither’s DNA seems enhanced – louder and clearer than before, harmonies more locked in, and a huge leap in song writing, landing somewhere between the raw indie emo of The Hotelier and American Football, and the celebration rock of Japandroids or even early Foo Fighters.

All the way through Gardens you can feel the love of a musical brotherhood running deep between all four members of the band, and as you listen to the album you can’t help but get caught up in that love. It’s that connection that their fans so strongly identify with, as many of them will honestly tell you. Sly Withers isn’t just a band you listen to – it’s a band you genuinely feel a part of. They look forward to welcoming you into their fold with the release of Gardens.


  1. Cracks
  2. Breakfast
  3. My Bullshit
  4. Taking Steps
  5. Bougainvillea
  6. Sleep on the Weekends
  7. Clarkson
  8. Glad
  9. Constant Wreck
  10. Turns Out
  11. Keys
  12. Positives

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