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Introspective soulful blues with a hint of ‘I’m ready to boogie’, Timothy Wolf is the thrilling new kid on the block, sharing his extraordinary debut single In Your Arms Again, an alluring ode to long term love. Following an enormous debut sell out show at The Night Cat Fitzroy last month, Timothy Wolf and his boisterous nine-piece band The Howlers are set to step it up with their single launch show at Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club on May 6, with support from Guthrie.

Recorded in the tropical hinterland of Byron Bay at Bernard Fanning and Nick DiDia’s famed La Cueva Studios, produced and mixed by Dan Frizza (The Waifs, Gurumul, Ash Grunwald) and mastered by Michael Lynch (John Butler Trio), In Your Arms Again perfectly blends blues and soul, and immediately asserts that old-soul Timothy Wolf has indeed arrived. This is the song we didn’t know we needed from this hugely exciting new artist. In Your Arms Again is buoyed by gentle and restrained horns, and coupled with smooth electric guitar and moving keys that perfectly complement that stunning Timothy Wolf vocal, a falsetto on display that would make Al Green swoon. Timothy talks more about the single with Hi Fi Way.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of the single In Your Arms Again?
The process from writing the song to releasing it is always so long. Then when it’s out everything happens so fast. It’s been a special one though. Taking my songs to the band ‘The Howlers’, connecting with them and workshopping the songs to the way that you hear them today. The thing that shocks me still is the goals you have simmer for so long, months. When you put the song out though.. Rolling Stone & Triple J – I’d find out these guys were premiering/ featuring the track and it’d be happening in the next couple of days.

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?
In Your Arms Again was one of those songs that just came together so easily. I had the framework for the song written and the concept of some of the horns parts in mind. I took it to the band and it just happened so easily. Definitely not the same case for all of our songs but when it happens like this you don’t argue.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
Soulful blues I believe is how it’s been coined. I would agree adding that it’s grounded in a singer-songwriter style formation – sonically lending itself to folk.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
I’ve grown up on City and Colour and Jeff Buckley. Marlon Williams and John Mayer also inspire but from a more tangible sense I’d say my family and relationships. They’ve influenced the lens in which I view the world and what I write songs about. Most of my writing is through an introspective lens of managing relationships, the way people connect and what they mean. I guess that means my own relationships kind of define and dictate that then ?

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Either that or leftover pizza is better than fresh. Prompts my own advice. Buy two pizzas, one for dinner and one for lunch tomorrow.

What is the Timothy Wolf life story?
A guy trying to get his hands on chilli-lime mission chips… Haha nah! A guy learning as he goes, walking the balance between appreciating what I have and moving towards what I hope to create; which is a career as a full-time musician who can live alongside his pup and partner and do all that good normal people shit. Pretty simple when it comes down to it.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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