Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry is the modern retelling of the famous television show by the same name. Set in New York, the rivalry between the Tom and Jerry continues, this time in the esteemed Royal Gate Hotel, where mayhem and hilarity ensues, as the two engage in a series of chaotic altercations on the eve of one of an important wedding ceremony.

The original television show had little to no plot. The two animals would come to blows in creative new ways, but the focus was applied to the slapstick comedy that made these characters so memorable. In Tom & Jerry there is a distinct plot that attempts to give more depth to Tom and Jerry as characters. Viewers are not only given entertaining battles but a story which gives the battles meaning, and a conclusion to the story that is heart-warming and satisfying. Having the story being told in modern times means that children and adults alike can easily relate to the topical jokes told through dialogue, while also appreciating the clownish visual comedy that Tom and Jerry are known for producing.

The target audience is clearly set towards a younger demographic. The visual humour will produce raucous laughter out of all children watching, but nostalgia is the sure to be sole reason of enjoyment for the older viewers. The kids in the audience will cherish the inventive ways that the core characters battle, but for parents, there may be little to grasp onto apart from the childhood memories from previous adaptations of the story.

The stylistic use of live action performances combined with animation means the action of the film can be true to the original source. Cartoonish violence is exhibited in the real-life world, with lead stars Chloe Grace Moretz and Michael Pena also contributing to the slapstick method. Dialogue is minimal, but when present has little impact on the film. At times, the chemistry between the actors and animals is noticeably awkward, but the joyfully destructive personalities of Tom and Jerry are enough to delight children watching, and even teach them a lesson or two about friendship.

Tom & Jerry is an exciting experience that the kids will adore. The wacky characters are matched by the quirky animation, and the action of the film is sure to get a laugh out of those witnessing the cat and mouse for the first time. The source material is well respected, whilst also providing some new insight into the characters. It is a family film that is aware of its immaturity, which is perfect for children.

Movie Review By Felix Baldassi-Winderlich

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