George Maple @ Adelaide Festival Summerhouse, Elder Park, Adelaide 12/3/2021

The newest venue at the 2021 Adelaide Festival is the Summerhouse which has hosted two films with their soundtrack performed live and many great and varied musical acts. Tonight, we have the ultra-cool George Maple (Jess Higgs) presenting her new EP, MYTH as well as playing all her hits. The MYTH EP was released late last year and the live performance of it premiered at the Sydney Opera House in December and tonight in Adelaide is the first foray interstate.

The stage was minimal with just two wide platform steps and a video screen to show some astounding visuals. MYTH also serves as the musical score and soundtrack to George Maple’s screenplay and performance art piece of the same title. Dressed in silver and black George started with Mine from the EP, sung in front of the brilliant visuals. On stage with her were two dancers, Lucy and Stella who both did an excellent job of sensually grooving to the music. Next up were three older songs that still sound wonderful, Vacant Space, Buried, and Gemini where the appreciative audience joined in on the chorus. Buried is from her previous album, Lover, and is in my opinion the absolute banger on that album.

Next up were three songs from the brilliant MYTH EP. Fade, Cold Water, and The Hill were played in succession and they show that this EP is a more mature release from George Maple as it showcases her brilliant voice with minimal layering. The driving beats of Fade sound spectacular and if I had only heard the track Cold Water when it was released, I would have voted for it in Triple J’s Hottest 100 as it is a killer track and my favourite from the EP. The Hill is a slower track that really accentuates her rich smooth vocals and the beautiful melody in her delivery. The concert ended with the huge hits Talk and Hero. George stated it was a special evening to be back and the most appreciative audience agreed with her as her exit was met with much cheering and clapping for her to do an encore. Sadly, the allotted time was over so let’s hope she can do a slightly longer set next time she comes back to Adelaide.

Adelaide Festival Review By Richard De Pizzol

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