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PHIL X needs no introduction, having been an integral full-time member of Bon Jovi since 2016. Phil and his band THE DRILLS just released their latest single “I Love You” On Her Lips via Golden Robot Records. Now Phil X & The Drills have today released the Lyric Video for “I Love You” On Her Lips. “I Love You” On Her Lips: features Phil X on Guitars & Lead Vocals, Daniel Spree: Bass & Backing Vocal and Gary Novak: Drums. Gang Vocals by Steve Ferlazzo, Joe Lester, Matt Starr and Marq Torien (Bullet Boys).

“‘I Love You’ On Her Lips is TOTAL Drills. A hooky, energetic, big guitar punch in the face with wit & a little silliness. Everyone knows someone who says one thing & feels another. This is that with a twist.” – Phil X

UK rock trio, SKAM  have released their new EP INTRA and have also dropped a video for the track Wake Up. INTRA is the first EP of a 2-part anthology, making up the 4th full length release by UK Power rock trio SKAM. Having honed their craft, the lads have gone back to basics and put together a collection of hard-hitting tracks. 

The 2-part Album is inspired by modern day struggles and each song focuses on negative human trait but sends the message that in any situation there is always hope. Wake Up is a pure beast of a rock track. Wake Up combines the familiar SKAM power with melodic choruses and an instant likability. The track itself is the perfect blend of what makes SKAM popular, hard hitting riffs with a melodic catchiness.  Wake Up is already arena ready, it’s big and bombastic and beings an edginess to the UK Rock scene.

GYPSY PISTOLEROS have released a brand new single and anthem for the underdog Lost In A Town Called Nowhere. Lost In A Town Called Nowhere is taken from the forthcoming brand-new album, The Mescalito Vampires to be released via Golden Robot/RIOT Records in June.

Described as the Album they always promised to make, this release sees GYPSY PISTOLEROS fully embracing their fiery flamenco/rumba passion & crossover punk Rock n Roll leanings! Latin Rock’s Appetite for Destruction, The Mescalito Vampires cometh!

Hailing from Denver, Colorado MESSIAHVORE have released their crushing self-titled album via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records. To celebrate the release, the band have also released a new video clip for the track Cult Worship.

‘’After such a heavyweight offering, it’s a short and sharp burst of groove with ‘Blood and Guts’. Before ‘Consume You’, ‘Lightweight’ and ‘The Last Word’ has Messiahvore racing to the end with all their heavy metal might. Might that comes crashing down the skull but leaves a big old grin on the face. They’ve done a top job here.’’

Renowned Australian Artist Johnny Casino (Asteroid B612, Johnny Casino’s Easy Action etc..) releases a Double A-Sided Single Twenty Twenty and People Say.

‘’Written and recorded during the first few weeks of the ¨pandemic¨ While I was stranded in the wonderful city of brotherly love Philadelphia, ‘Twenty Twenty’ explains how I was feeling during the months of March and April 2020, I had just touched down into Philadelphia International airport and my brother Billy was waiting to pick me up and his first words were ‘’brother I´m surprised they let you in!’’ I had no idea what he was talking about! Me and my wonderful wife Mayra live in a smallish seaside town called Denia in Spain and we knew there was ‘’something’’ happening but not exactly what! (we ain’t much for watching news or current affairs programs, so we were kinda ‘’outta the loop’’ so to speak).

The next few days I was to learn what was happening around the globe, I had work planned and concerts planned for the next 3 months in America and Australia and all those plans were now off the table! And the only thing left on the table was trying to get back home to Spain! Well there was one more thing on that table, before I left Spain I had made a plan with my old buddy Jamie Mahon to record some songs with his GREAT band St James and the Apostles in their wonderful studio Green Rock Recorders in Philadelphia, and this song ‘Twenty Twenty’ is the first taste of these sessions.

‘People Say’ was recorded (In Spain) with love for our brother Dave Thomas, who will never be forgotten, and I will always remember what you did for me Dave, Love ya’’ – Johnny Casino

US Stoner / Southern Metallers BEASTWOOD have just dropped a new single Electric Gangbang via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records.

Fusing the catchiness of Clutch, the heaviness of Crowbar and the groove of Down, Electric Gangbang is a stoner metal hit, a swift kick in the butt that is sure to get you up out of your seat. BEASTWOOD music that should be played during every Patrick Swayze movie bar-fight scene.

Colorado’s Stone Deaf have released their latest single The Velvet Hammer via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records, February 15th. The Velvet Hammer comes off their upcoming album ((Killers)). The Velvet Hammer is another desert rock scorcher. One to crank up on a long drive on the sun-drenched highways. There is a little Queens of The Stone Age vibe to this track as it winds through its journey.

The Velvet Hammer is the follow up to recent singles Cloven Hoof and Polaroid. There is a uniqueness to Stone Deaf, they manage to blend desert and stoner rock with an old-school US punk edge and that is evident on Cloven Hoof. Stone Deaf produce a unique fusion of genre bending sonic goodness. Put that shoehorn down cause those boots are stayin’ on and scootin’ over to the dance floor for Stone Deaf’s Polaroid. With more hooks than Tyson, Polaroid is an auditory strip tease you can’t turn away from.

US Rock Act WILDSTREET released their last single Still Love You in late 2021. Now they have released another new single Set It Off ! On Still Love You they traded in their usual hard rock guitars for acoustic instruments and the song optimistically reflects on lost love and heartache.

Single Set It Off, is a riff-driven anthem that runs the listener through the finish line. Its message is simple, be yourself and stand up for what you believe. There will be set-backs, scars & bruises but you have to pick yourself up because you will make it to the top. This is a must listen for fans of Queen, Jane’s Addiction, Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION. WILDSTREET’s Set If Off is arena rock at its best.

Still Love You and Set It Off are both on WILDSTREET’s highly anticipated full-length album Wildstreet III, which will be released on Golden Robot Records in 2021.

The Hollywood Stars released their version of King Of The Night Time World in December via Golden Robot Records a song they originally recorded in 1974 and was later recorded by KISS and released in 1976 on the Destroyer album.

Now they have released a new single Escape (Live). Recorded live at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go in 2019, this is the original version of the Alice Cooper song, Escape, performed by the original band. This is a much more rock and roll version than Cooper’s 1975 recording complete with the energy of a live recording. This was the band’s return to the club that was their home in the mid-70s.

It would seem like every nook and cranny in rock ‘n’ roll history has been explored ad infinitum by this point. Countless books and magazine articles have been written, painstakingly excavating the lives and careers of everyone from Chuck Berry to Aerosmith, Wanda Jackson to Arcade Fire. But what if there was a band with deep roots whose story had barely been broached?

A band with direct ties to Little Richard, The Kinks, The Mamas & the Papas, The Electric Prunes, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Iggy Pop, The Runaways, The Flamin’ Groovies, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Steppenwolf, Meat Loaf, and Blue Cheer. Such a band does exist. They are The Hollywood Stars. And now, after more than 40 years apart, they are performing together again and making new music.

New Rule is the debut EP by Melbourne dirty / sleaze rock band The Mercy Kills. Written and produced in 2010, this five-track release has strong elements of the four members influences, with elements of post-punk, grunge and rock ‘n’ roll. TMK are proud that it stands strong, alongside the music they have produced over the ten years since.

Initially New Rule was only available as a short run of CD’s and was never officially released. The band have always felt this as a thorn in their side and are now happy to see it released now via Golden Robot Records.

After earning their reputation by setting legendary NYC stages on fire, SickWalt unleashes a sound-defining effort with their first full-length album, Shove n’ Love. Shove n’ Love proves SickWalt to be far from a one trick pony. Shining on tracks like Demand The Stage and Million Dollar Man, the band blends the undeniable chemistry of their live act with a polished sound that oozes confidence—a group of artists and musicians firing on all cylinders.

For a different side of Shove n’ Love, check out Love Alignment. The track proves that the band doesn’t have to go a million miles per hour to make a statement, rounding out an album of diverse, refreshing, high-grade rock n’ roll. The record’s energy simultaneously pulls you in and sends you back to a time of great music. Shove n’ Love is full of blazing crisp guitar riffs, thumping & pumping drums, and a robust bottom end that lays the foundation for SICKWALT’s unique vocal style.

Brisbane’s Old School Punk Rockers KOMBI KILLERS have released their new single Don’t Start via Riot Records. It is a classic punk anthem that delivers just the right amount of original old school punk attitude that will no doubt satisfy the most rabid Punk fan. Influences of Anit-Nowere League, Sex Pistols, GBH and The Misfitsecho throughout the track.

Don’t Start – When everyday life gets in the way ‘Don’t Start!’

THE OWEN GUNS dropped their latest EP Violating Community Standards in August last year and the controversial (albeit tongue in cheek) band caused quite a stir. Now their second EP Electric Boogaloo is lining up for release the band are showcasing a preview of what’s to come with the single Sick out via Riot Records.

Sick is a punchy hardcore punk rock tune dedicated to the morons who thought it was a good idea to stockpile toilet paper during a pandemic. Short, sharp, and angry – it pulls no punches.  Co-written by Adam Check of Toe to Toe/One Dollar short.

Electric Boogaloo was Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Mullard at RTN studios and mastered by Jason Fuller at Goatsound, It’s 7 tracks which range from furious to funny, blending old-school hardcore with sing along punk rock and adding a metal edge. Full of blazing solos and group choruses – there’s never a lull from the onslaught of punk rock yet the band even have time to show their “sensitive” side with a faithful cover of the Hard-ons Aussie punk classic Just Being With You.  The guitar thrashes and wails, the bass and drums pound and the vocalist rants and raves at everything that annoys him. It’s an EP that shows the band in full flight.  No prisoners taken, no fu**s given. It’s raw and raucous – just how punk should be.  

Holding Back is the latest single from the Dead Dirty Dinosaurs and the fourth release with burgeoning punk label Riot Records and their parent company Golden Robot Records. Holding Back is the follow up to recent singles Bad Timing, Monica and Revenge.

“Life is like a licence, to do what you please” descants Julian the DDD’s singer over the ringing out of the first bluesy riff, “There’s no time for silence, I’m already on my knees……HEY!” And it’s on, into a rhythmic chugging that’s hard not to get lost into.

“Everyone’s got something holding them back, and when I was writing the lyrics to this, I was thinking a lot about the balance that we’re always struggling with, of when to go all in and when to hold back, and what some people will do to tip you over the edge”.

Ed the bass player jokes “This song barely gets played the same twice, there is no Holding Back”.

While Glen the DDD’s drummer extols the joy of the chaos that Holding Back finishes in “I love playing this song. Who doesn’t enjoy a thunderous climax?’’ and climax it does. The DDD’s latest release will leave you tired and sweaty and ready for more. There’s a whisper around that we can expect something longer than a single release from the Dead Dirty Dinosaurs soon so keep your ears to the ground and everything crossed.

Legendary rock band Jefferson Starship (featuring David Freiberg, Donny Baldwin, Cathy Richardson, Chris Smith, and Jude Gold) released their new EP, Mother of the Sun via Golden Robot Records in August 2020 and now the band have released the Official Video for the track Setting Sun. Mother of the Sun is Jefferson Starship’s first collection of new songs in 12 years.

Denver dirt rockers LOST RELICS have released their new single Now We’re Even via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records. LOST RELICS throw out some seriously heavy doomy monstrous riffs on Now We’re Even and come at you with a sheer sledgehammer brutality.

Now We’re Even is the second single from Lost Relics upcoming EP release. Dark times and isolation manifest themselves into driving grooves and breakneck time changes for this barnburner track. Imagine pacing the room, trusting no one and crawling out of your skin and you will be part of this sludgy, riff filled journey. With nods to early Amphetamine Reptile records bands, Lost Relics has evened the score.

Golden Robot Records recently announced the signing of the legendary Vanilla Fudge. To celebrate this announcement, Vanilla Fudge released a remastered version of their cover of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song and accompanying video. Now it’s another Zep classic Rock and Roll which gets the Fudge treatment and has now been released on all platforms.

Rock and Roll is without doubt one of the greatest rock tracks of all time, performed by one of the greatest Rock Bands of all time Led Zeppelin! Vanilla Fudge add their own slant to the track, adding a little soul vibe and some amazing organ interludes. This version definitely has a life and identity of its own.

Chesterfield band and five-piece, The Crooks have released their brand new single Frankie via Golden Robot Records. The group, consisting of Jack, Chris, Duncan, Conor, and Tom formed in 2019 in which, since then, they have released a plethora of sounds and tunes including one of their most popular songs Nevermind, a song that easily climbed over 100,000 Spotify streams.

Since their formation, The Crooks have acclaimed radio play from the UK’s Radio X, BBC Introducing and have gained support from multiple stations in the USA, South America and across all of Europe. Media outlets such as This Feeling have consistently supported the five-piece as well as their own huge, loyal backing.

Tipped as ones-to-watch for 2020, last year saw the band releasing a number of singles, including In Time and She Walks Alone securing the band’s intricate rock ‘n’ roll sound, which they gripped in the palms of their hand. Dabbling in their own brit-pop sound, The Crooks are taking a turn and are set to release their most liberating song to date but also shines a light on their melodic wall of sound that everyone has grown to love.

Frankie is a track that is built around a fiery guitar solo, and a cacophony of sounds but begins with a hint of mysteria. The carefulness and alluring licks of the guitar create an atmospheric pulse before being pelted into a whirlwind of rock ‘n’ roll swagger. The smooth but endearing vocals wrap around the haunting riffs and it’s by far the most interesting track by The Crooks yet.

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