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Laced In Lust have released their epic debut album First Bite which will no doubt get people talking about this band right around the world. Like all bands they have been challenged by the global pandemic but have battled on delivering an incredible album and one to be proud of and when they can start touring globally, watch out as they will be a force to be reckoned with. Hi Fi Way spoke to main man Torsten Steel who described the challenges in making First Bite.

How exciting is the build up to the release of your debut album First Bite?
It’s been great!!! It’s taken a little longer than expected as the virus has prolonged all of our original release dates, but it’s given us more time to organise ourselves. But it’s been great, releasing three singles and video clips first just keeps amping up the excitement for us. Then seeing all of the media press worldwide and attention we’re getting is unreal!!!!

Did you expect it to be a lot of hard work taking care of everything relating to the release?
I knew it would be, but some parts of it especially for me were not fun haha. After working all day then having to do another eight hours every night working on band stuff really brings you to your end some days, especially the deadlines, bringing together all the third parties and band members as well as making it all have to work at the right time. On the other hand it’s really professional and also is exciting and it has been a true test of character.

Has everything gone to plan so far?
Haha well yes and no. Originally I was the only member of Laced in Lust left as everyone else decided to take a step away from it all after eight years. I continued to push and ended up getting signed to a quite well known record label in Europe. I didn’t have a band and went through countless members in a short two month period and couldn’t get the album published to them in time, so I was dropped from my contract. That was a huge blow to me! After ten years in the industry and you finally get signed and it’s in your grasp, then it slips out your hand…. Ouch!

Then about two months later, Rockshots Records signed me, I still didn’t have a band and I had the same time frame to complete everything. I called up the old “Laced In Lust” guys who said they’d help me record. One didn’t so I got Nick in to help. Over two and a half weeks the album was done, and the guys decided to re-join Laced again. The original release date for the album was September 2020 and was meant to be supported with a European tour followed by a homecoming Australian tour… But again, Covid! Then we changed to December 2020, but nothing changed. So then we went with February 2021 and the rest of the details are now very much up in the air. Otherwise a lot of other aspects of the album were very close to shaving the line some days.

Did COVID slow progress at all?
Completely, it has totally screwed everything. I was living in Queensland when it hit so I was stuck for several months not being able to get home to Adelaide to friends and family and the band, which put a huge hold on income, practice and well everything. Apart from that every show we do accept or have started organising has fallen straight through, which makes it hard to keep building the hype for touring and earning a living. As for touring Europe and seeing our families in Europe also….who knows when that will happen again??

What has been the biggest thing you have learnt from the experience of making the album?
For myself it would be to have a better work flow chart, giving us a bit more room to breathe and to have more savings for any uncontrollable situations. There was a lot more things that weren’t in the original plan that popped up that we didn’t know about and how many people would be involved from a management and PR side of things.

Do you enjoy being hands on making the video clip?
You wouldn’t believe how tiring it is making one of these. But yeah it’s fun. We didn’t have much experience with doing this and the guys that did I don’t think ever did it as professionally as what we did. It was great. Andy and Becky from Against The Grain Studios were a massive help with the hands on stuff though. We work so well with them and they listen to our ideas but also give us a lot of direction or feedback with the hands on stuff too.

For the uninitiated, how would you described Laced In Lust sonically?
I would say we are an Australian early-era sleazy Status Quo. Covering everything from your commercial rock, to blues, sleaze and Aussie Hard Rock.

Who are some of the band’s music heroes that you look to for inspiration?
For myself it’s always been Rick Parfitt of Status Quo, without him I would never have even picked up a guitar. Otherwise another major one for myself is Jesper Binzer from D-A-D. Russell’s has always been Jussi 69 from The 69 Eyes and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, Nick is Jimmy Page from Led zeppelin and Paul McCartney and Oppies are Alice Cooper and Izzy Stradlin.

Is it a tough choice picking the singles off the album?
No, we all felt and knew straight out what the singles were. They were straight stand outs for us all.

Are you itching to get on the road to start touring?
OH YES! Can’t bloody wait!

What’s next for Laced In Lust?
Well for us we are hoping to get back out on the stage first with an album launch and hopefully start touring around Australia again shortly. I have already started compiling some tunes and blue prints for album number two! To hopefully release in 2023. But we’ll see how everything goes with album number one first!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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