The Pulse @ Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide 25/2/2021

Unifying audience, acrobat, and choir into a solitary organism at a juncture in time, The Pulse is a commentary of reactions to continual transformations in the universe…such as a global pandemic.

As the world was plunged into the unknown in 2020, Adelaide’s Gravity & Other Myths utilised the solitude of lockdown and travel restrictions to develop a work of grandeur. One that amalgamated all three of their core ensembles, fused artistic genres and demonstrated provocation and consequence in a large scale spectacular.

Premiering at Her Majesty’s Theatre for the Adelaide Festival on Thursday 25 February 2021, The Pulse saw the unification of thirty acrobats with thirty singers forming an organic synchronism of motion and music. With a clear focus on captivating both visually and aurally, director Darcy Grant, designer Geoff Cobham and composer Ekrem Eli Phoenix created a rollercoaster experience that captured the ideal balance between light and dark, chaos and calmness, and noise and silence.

There were moments of awe-inspiring magnificence; an acrobat traversing across a set of human monkey bars bathed in a warm glow. And there were many more moments of astonishment, including the acrobat metres high atop towering human structures being dropped into an ocean of arms just as the stage lights blacken. Audible gasps and nervous laughter together with spontaneous applause were heard consistently throughout the performance, a testament to its quality and the sheer professionalism of the players.

Interwoven amongst all the physicality was the Aurora Vocal Ensemble. Not just relegated to the back or side of the stage, they were embedded within the action all the while providing a complementary soundtrack. Their inclusion evoked sentiment and brought equilibrium to an, at times, chaotic atmosphere while elevating the overall production.

The Pulse consolidates strength, precision, choreography, friendship, humour, and music in the ultimate test of trust. It is disciplined in its construction and mesmerizingly transcendent in its delivery. The Pulse is an edge of your seat performance well deserving of the standing ovation it received.

Adelaide Festival Review By Anita Kertes

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