Ukiyo’s Top 5 Things To Be Better Friends

Glistening electronic producer Ukiyo has released his euphoric new single and video Make It Better featuring Bajillionaire and Brewer. Evocative of Porter Robinson and early MGMT, Make It Better is the latest single to be shared from Ukiyo’s self-titled debut LP Ukiyo LP, which is out now.

Make It Better is a supremely moving track, one which puts a beautiful, poignant frame around the writers’ personal struggles. The soft, sparse feature vocals from Bajillionaire and Brewer float amongst a pulsing, glittery bed of rotating synthesisers and a infectious beat. Produced by Ukiyo on the road, mixed by Tim Watt (Golden Features, MUTO, Hermitude, Crooked Colours) and mastered by Wayne Sutherland (What So Not, Motez, Willaris K), Make It Better is quite possibly Ukiyo’s strongest track to date, and a thrilling taste of what his debut album will entail.

Ukiyo’s Top 5 Things To Be Better Friends

  1. Ask them how they’re going. Are you ok shouldn’t be a message people send once a year on R U ok day. It’s such an easy thing to ask someone and as long as it’s done with good intentions it’s pretty hard for it to ever have a negative impact. It’s absolutely changed my life surrounding myself with people who care and aren’t afraid to get deep with their conversations. But it’s give and take, and that leads me to point 2.
  2. Tell them how you’re going. Whether they ask or not. I didn’t for a long time out of fear of being a ‘burden’, but if being honest with your friend really is a burden to them then you need new friends.
  3. Listen. Put the phone down and really listen. I’ll admit I’m not perfect at this but it’s been something I’ve been putting a lot of effort into being better at. I hate a smooth conversation where each person’s just thinking about what they’re next response is instead of taking in what the other person is saying. Hell, there might be an awkward 5 second pause in our conversation but I don’t care because I’m taking what you’re saying in.
  4. Cull the drama. Maybe just a pinch to keep it spicy but in general just like deal with stuff on the spot ya know? If someone’s annoyed you, then tell them. I hate gossip and drama and all that stuff, I’ve kept myself a long way away from it for a good while now.
  5. Give. A pretty obvious one. Practice selflessness, give what you hope to receive, all that. I really believe that the things I do for others will come back around, and I know that amongst my friends it will because of the people I’ve surrounded myself with.

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