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Adelaide Rock band Audio Reign have released their fourth single One Way off their self titled album. Following in the fierce energy rock sounds of previous singles One Way is pure Audio Reign and its another banger. The new video is now out and lead singer Jake Fleming gave Hi-Fi Way some insight into its making.

New single One Way is out. It’s the fourth single of your self-titled album. Tell us about that song?
One Way is basically about the final word in the dissolution of a one way relationship. The girl is self obsessed/absorbed & high maintenance (hence the “all about me” bag and “#1” coffee cup) and can’t see the decay of her relationship beyond her socials and selfies. She’s neglected her partners love and affection towards her for her for too long and as a result is now about to be dumped.

The song really gives a pumped up vibe. The drums really give a fierce energy. That seems to be a signature Audio Reign sound. How would you describe the energy of the song?
One Way is most definitely a high energy, high vibe song. Although it’s a break up song, it’s also about moving on and “Embracing the light of a new day!” so we wanted this song to be catchy and a bit of a banger.   

That’s four singles off the album, any plans for more releases?
Whilst there’s a lot of songs on the album that we love and have been told by our crowd deserve to be singles, we have written quite a lot of new songs and are keen to start feeding them out to the world. I think our next single will be one of our newly written songs, but never say never, we may just come back and do a music video for another favourite from the self titled album.

The new video is out as well. The imagery is great. The black and white with the girl in a red dress thrown in for some colour looks awesome! How was the filming process?
The filming process was mostly co-ordinated and flowing. I get pretty hands on with this stuff and organise a lot of things myself.  We chose to work with Kaleidoscope Productions on this video as we have worked with them before on the Betrayal music video and as such have that previous connection and relationship.

The imagery was done that way to be dynamic and catch the eye, plus it also defines the two parts of the video – the black and white representing the actual music video as you’re supposed to see it, and the colour shots representing the behind the scenes antics with the girl (not caring about the fact were shooting a music video) getting in all our shots.

COVID-19 made you change the initial idea for the video. How much did you have to change and adapt in the planning for the new concept for the video?
Massively! The music video was written to be OTT with many different locations, cars, more girls, and more everything, but Covid-19 rules made it hard to do any of this. We decided that we still needed to get some content out, so we settled on doing a simple fresh representation of what the music video was meant to be.  The clothes racks represent the girl shopping but she’s also in the studio with us shooting our Music Video so it’s just a blend of two situations to help tell the original story. We hope it makes some sort of sense to everyone out there, and if not, then hopefully it’s fun enough for you to not care – hahaha!

Now that restrictions are easing are you looking forward to some live gigs?
We are going MAAAAAD not being able to play live! (haha).  We CANNOT WAIT to play live to a real pumping crowd again!! Playing live shows is so important to us. Being able to connect with our fans where everyone of us both onstage & in the crowd- harness the energy & vibes from each other and go off! There is nothing else like it. We will see you all soon!!

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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