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Since 2018, Sydney based songwriter and performer Dominic Breen has been captivating audiences, industry and fellow artists alike. His two acclaimed EPs introduced listeners to Breen’s distinctive musical world; as well as his rare gift for highly personal, observational lyrics that evoke a vivid sense of place and time. Produced and mixed by Tim Fitz from Middle Kids, Lovelost is the first single off his forthcoming debut album. The record, to be released through Believe/Double Drummer, is set for release in early 2021.

Lovelost blends the old soul quality of Breen’s voice with crunchy contemporary production and an unexpected key change in the middle of the track. Equally likely to appeal to fans of Julia Jacklin, DMA’s and Middle Kids as it is to fans of the Go-Betweens, The Triffids or Roy Orbison, the song is a 2:20 blast of immaculately crafted “happy/sad” power-pop. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Breen wrote and played almost every instrument on Lovelost, apart from the bass which was provided by Fitz. His most immediate track to date, Lovelost is a thrilling taste of what’s to come. Domenic talks to Hi Fi Way about the journey to date.

Has the build up to Lovelost been exciting?
Releasing Lovelost has rendered the song exempt from any sort of random persecutions that I might be able to act upon, so I’m happy with that.

Have you been pleased with the reaction to the single?
I have had some comments which were very nice to read but I respectfully try to stay away from reactions, as a form of monastic torture.

What is the story behind the single Lovelost?
Streetcats plot between two cars. A violent gang of news reporters gather nearby, expecting chaos. A deaf nun sweeps the footpath in silence. Who dares wins.

Are there plans for more music next year?
I plan to release lots of music next year.

With the complexities of this year have you been writing a lot?
No, I’ve been writing less.

What comes first – the lyrics or the music?
What comes first, when, why, it actually doesn’t matter and you’ll bruise the muse thinking in those terms.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
For better or worse undoubtedly myself.

In this COVID haze what has been the biggest thing you have learnt about your own resilience?
I don’t feel I’ve been impacted too badly at all by the COVID haze so in that sense I’ve had nothing to really bounce back from. I’ve been vicariously sustained by seeing the depths in the resilience of others.

Are you looking to being able to get on the road and start playing shows?
We wanna play all the gigs!

What’s the next challenge for Dominic Breen?
The next Q & A. My fond regards. Thank you very much having me, I find these difficult.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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