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Brazilian band Mars Addict released Lamecoaster, their debut album, earlier this year April then this thing called COVID-19 hit turning their world upside down. The album received a positive reception in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Serbia and Australia. To maintain the momentum the released Unplugged Noise giving these songs an acoustic touch up. The band drop by for a Q&A to tell Australian more about Mars Addict and their music.

Have you been surprised with the feedback on the album coming from all around the world?
ROLF: I love Lamecoaster since Capanga asked me to join the band with a demo version of In My Head, back in January 2018. Still, the reception in so many different parts of the world is way more than we expected!

What is the story behind the single Lamecoaster?
DRIX: I wrote this song to make my wife angry. I was aiming to mock Bon Jovi’s Rollercoaster since he’s the guy she loves the most.

Has COVID impacted much on the album release?
ROLF: Lamecoaster was released in April, right at the beginning of this Covid chaos. Capanga and I were contaminated soon after and all this made it difficult to promote the album. It took months to change this around.

Did you enjoy recording Unplugged Noise?
CAPANGA: It exceeded my expectations. I was worried it might not sound cool because it is a format that we are not used to. In the end it was a really cool experience, I’m happy with the outcome!

Is releasing this album an important part in maintaining the momentum?
ROLF: We were asked to join an acoustic compilation to be released on Bandcamp at first but it ended up being UNPLUGGED NOISE, our new weapon to prevent Lamecoaster from being completely overshadowed by the COVID.

To music fans in Australian how would you describe the music of Mars Addict?
ROLF: Punk Rock with lots of melody and catchy choruses, that goes from 60s to the zombie apocalypse.

How did you come up with the band name?
CAPANGA: I saw graffiti on a building: “Art resists”. I didn’t have glasses and thought it said Mars Resists. I thought it would be a great name for the band. Since Mars Resists is not easy to pronounce, we changed it to Mars Addict, because we like science fiction and outer space.

How did the band meet?
CAPANGA: I was at a Teenage Bottlerocket concert in São Paulo and I saw Drix there. We played together before and there was always great chemistry. Rodrigo worked with me and we had already played together in the studio. Rolf is a childhood friend. Although he was originally a guitarist, he agreed to join even though he didn’t have his own bass yet! Hebert played with me on another project and we got along right away. He was the natural choice when Drix moved to Italy.

Are there plans for another album next year?
CAPANGA: Yes, and it’s almost completely written. We plan releasing it by the end of 2021.

What are some of your favourite Australian bands?
DANIEL CAPANGA: Frenzal Rhomb and Bodyjar!
HEBERT: Silverchair.
ROLF: Pegazus!
DRIX: Grindhouse!

Are you looking forward to touring Australia some time in the near future?
ROLF: The first country our music was played on the radio outside Brazil was Australia! As soon as this COVID thing is over we will celebrate it with you people!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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