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Shimmering indie rock/pop up and comers Curly Blonde have dropped their latest single Room 309, a sun-soaked track which, despite its blissful exterior, deals with the feeling of being dissatisfied with how life has turned out. The duo have also released a video to accompany the track, perfectly in keeping with Room 309’s exploration of monotony.

Evocative of Aussie indie faves Ball Park Music and The Jungle Giants, and mixed by Nicolas Mendoza (One Four, Delta Goodrem, A$AP Ferg), Room 309 is a strong, considered offering from this young duo – it’s perfect for that summer road trip, and would fit in flawlessly at the sunset festival set. Hi Fi way was stoked to be talking to this duo about their new single.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of Room 309?
The lead up to releasing Room 309 has been a really cool experience. We’ve both been so excited about it and so stoked that it’s out now. We finished the song a little while ago back in August, so it’s been a bit of a longer process than we initially thought to get it out, but we’re so happy that we waited until now to release it.

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?
Yep for sure! The recording process for this one properly started back in February, but the song itself has been floating around in our heads for about two years now, so it’s been a long process overall to actually get it down into a track! We struggled to record this initially due to work commitments, but the COVID lockdown here in Melbourne actually really helped us in a funny way because we were both stood down from our respective jobs. Having all that time meant we were able to knuckle down and get parts recorded, and get the track mixed and mastered. We live together so we were able to spend heaps of time in our little home studio and get it done.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
We like to think that our music is easy to listen to and has a catchy hook in there for listeners to treat their ears to. There’s elements of indie rock/pop in our sound, but one of our main objectives in making music is creating something that we’d listen to ourselves rather than focusing on creating something to fit a genre. We both listen to a range of artists and genres, so we love variety in sounds and implementing that into our music. Room 309 is a very feel-good, summer, guitar-driven song, but is quite different to some other tracks we’ve got on our upcoming EP.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
We’d have to say a band like Ball Park Music or The Jungle Giants. Their music and sound is so broad but at the same time so unique to themselves. They’re both so experimental with instruments and sounds and that’s something we really want to explore in our music by creating that variety and differences in instruments and songs. We love how catchy each song is and how they just get you up and about every time you listen to them whether that be in the car, in bed, at a party, or live at a festival. We’re all about feel-good vibes and these two bands really nail that when it comes to their music and live sets.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Don’t work for money, always follow your passion!

How did the band get together?
We both met each other about five years ago when we moved to Melbourne for university and have pretty much jammed with each other ever since then. We’ve been living together in a share house for the past three years, so over that time we’ve kept jamming and started to create our own stuff. By the start of this year we thought we’d start properly making some music and ‘Curly Blonde’ was created!

Are you looking to tour in 2021?
Definitely! Hopefully the ol’ COVID situation has continued to settle down by then and we can get out and play live. It’s something we’ve been really keen to do this year, and are super excited for.

What’s next for Curly Blonde?
The release of our debut EP! We’ve got this locked in and ready for the 25th of November, so we can’t wait to get that out for people to listen to. Besides that, we just want to keep creating and recording music (hopefully with some live shows thrown in the mix). We’ve got so many ideas for new stuff and we’re so keen to put it together.

Top tip for not going mad in Covid lockdown?
Backyard cricket everyday, and remember to put the bins out!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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