Melbourne Rockers The Grogans Go Track By Track On Their New Album

Coupling effortless cool with refined rock songwriting chops, Melbourne trio The Grogans unveil their second studio record, Day / To / Day. An album that has been designed to be absorbed, Day / To / Day is a sonic journey that has The Grogans delivering melodies, rhythms and great energy throughout.

Last month saw the band release single Got A Girl, a track that offered an insight into the charged up end of the album’s spectrum. Yet as the listener makes their way through its 12 track run time, The Grogans flourish as 60’s and 70’s surf rock sounds come together with contemporary slacker influences; all up making for a perfect Spring/Summer soundtrack. Even the album image, taken by seminal 60’s surf photographer John Witzig, perfectly encapsulates the cheeky escapism found in Day / To / Day. The band take us through their album track by track.

Takin it easyTakin it easy is a laid back track that is purely based around the relaxed nature of us all being together, especially in places that we all love. As a band we have a couple of sides to our writing, but we do gravitate to a cruisy songs when we record. We also are pretty keen on group vocals and this song emphasis that.

Woke Up Feelin’ Alright – this track is a pretty cruisy, upbeat song tied in with lyrics about basically enjoying yourself and being young. Things may not go as planned but you can make do and be happy regardless.

Like You – this is probably the mellowest track on the album as we only recorded a few parts to it like guitar, vocals and group vocals and it just has a very laid back feel to it. We recorded it after a few whiskeys down in the pool room at Ocean Grove at around 2 in the morning. The track is about appreciating close people in life like best mates, girlfriends and family.

GraveyardGraveyard is a nostalgic 60s inspired story about a broken heart. We tried to record the track completely to 4 track cassette tape to capture that era of sound. We wanted it to sound like the soundtrack for Big Wednesday or some old surf film.

Got A GirlGot A Girl starts with a punch and carries a heap of energy throughout the whole song. It’s a pretty fun one to play with a real 60’s but also modern sound to it. Basically the song is about our girlfriends, all the fun shit we all do together, and how much we luv them. Who needs expensive some “She don’t care bout my dollar we drink the cheapest wine!”

Dead WeightDead Weight is one of the heavier ones on the album; it was also the first single we released for it. It’s a very strong, punchy song about not wanting to be just a waste of space and actually making something for yourself without having things handed to you. We wrote the music for this song first and it wasn’t until we were recording that we finished actually writing all the lyrics.

Teach Me – This track started out as a pysch rock sort of song, very old school Tame Impala. But the more we played it the heavier it started to get, I think we recorded it about three or four times before we got it to how we wanted it to sound. It’s about us being in high school, probably not being the easiest kids to teach most of the time, and the frustration that teachers felt towards us and us to them.

UnnecessaryUnnecessary has actually been around since we were all in high school but it was one of those songs that just stayed as a demo. When we were going through ideas for the album Quin whipped it out and it stuck. It’s different to the rest of the album, I’d say it’s more complex and it has a cool 6/8 groove and differs from our usual straighter “rock” songs.

AgainAgain is a straight up rock song that just came about during a jam one day, it was probably one of the first songs we wrote for the album. It’s really just about our love for playing live and the energy and interaction that we get from the crowd when everything’s going a bit crazy.

Pretty DressPretty Dress takes the classic style of a surf rock tune and chucks a Grogans twist on it. It came together whilst we were recording the album down in ocean grove one morning. We had a layout for it but nothing finalised, we jammed it, wrote some extra lyrics and recorded it! Lots of Beatles inspiration coming from this one too.

Strange Feeling – I feel like This is what we think California or some other coastal place that people always talk about in movies would sound like, maybe even in an old school Quinton Tarantino movie. It is light hearted and pretty fun, there are even a couple of melodic whistles in there. But this track still does have that lo – fi old feel to it which seemed to capture most of this release

Gravel Road Blues – This one took shape as mellow, spacey, jam, about all the great places that gravel roads can take you, out of the main flow of things and into somewhere a bit different. The end of the song goes into a swing groove which is something that we haven’t done on a record in a little while, so it was nice to change it up a little bit. We played around with tapes about at the end to get those wacky sounds, it’s something we haven’t done in a song before so that was cool. It also features Cousin Will cracking a whip at the very start because why not?

Compiled By Rob Lyon

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