A new EP has been a long time coming for Sydney inner west duo, EGOISM. Over the past few years they’ve been peppering the world with a string of shoegazey pop singles which has landed them praise and admirers on radio and blogs both locally and internationally. Now, following on from previous singles, What Are We Doing?, You You, and current single, Here’s the Thing, EGOISM have released their long-awaited EP On Our Minds.

The On Our Minds EP was written, recorded and produced by the duo in their bedrooms, mixed by Matthew Neighbour (The Avalanches, Matt Corby, Sky Ferreira) and funded by the triple j Level Up Grant. Scout Eastment answers a few questions about the EP for Hi Fi Way.

Is there a feeling of relief or excitement that your EP is about to come out?
Yeah definitely a mix of both! I’m just so happy to be putting out this group of songs that we’ve loved and laboured on for quite a while.

Did everything go to plan with creating the EP?
Well… I mean other than the global stuff that is going on that’s affected everyone it more or less has. We’ve done most of this EP ourselves and as result there was not much that got in the way of us finishing this the way we wanted

Did COVID add another layer of complexity in getting it done?
To be honest it didn’t affect the recording side that much. We write, record and produce most stuff ourselves in our houses. We’ve also always done our mixing remotely so that didn’t change either. We’re very lucky!!

Sonically, how would you compare this EP to what you’ve done previously?
I’ll say if you’ve listened to our last few singles it’s really a continuation of what we’ve put out already. As we keep going Olive and I get better as song writers and become more creative and polished in our production. I think you can hear this in this in this EP, and hopefully as we keep releasing music it will keep evolving as we do.

Was it hard being isolated from each other to get this finished?
We weren’t isolated from each other… Olive and I choose each other as the one person we would see – plus I live by myself anyway.

Was there any significant influences on the writing process?
Jeez well both Olive and I have a tendency to get very fixated on different genres or artists for about a month. This EP is five songs written over a whole year so I don’t think it’s fair to pick out just a few!

What has been the biggest lesson learnt about yourself in what has been a challenging year?
That I really thrive when I give myself totally no pressure-free time regularly. Need that space to chillout and be off the ball.

Are there plans for more new music?
Olive and I currently on the train south to go for a ‘writing retreat’ holiday. So, yeah I don’t there’s ever a time that we aren’t working on new music.

How excited are you about the prospect of touring?
Super duper excited! I miss it so much – I love playing shows and travelling. I also miss my friends in different states and listening to other bands.

What’s the next challenge for Egoism?
We’re currently totally changing around the way we play our live shows: adding new songs, changing the backing tracks and the equipment set-up we use. It’s way more complicated than it first seems!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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