Kingswood On The Five Things We Don’t Know About The Making Of “Reveries”

2020 saw the return of KINGSWOOD, the Melbourne favourites delivering a career-defining, critically acclaimed third studio album in Juveniles. The album, signalling a new era for the band, landed at #13 on the ARIA Albums Chart and reintroduced KINGSWOOD to fans and newcomers alike; their love for unabashed rock and roll channelled through some of their most cohesive and well-rounded song writing to date.

And now, with only a few months left in what has been a year nobody saw coming, KINGSWOOD unveil a new side of the Juveniles project – the 12 track album, reimagined. The band takes the music of Juveniles into a more intimate and nuanced sonic space, swapping the harder rock sounds for Americana-flecked, blues charm. Here, the band presents a fitting companion piece – Reveries.

Kingswood tell Hi Fi Way five things we didn’t know about the making of Reveries

  1. Among the many supremely talented musical guests we had help us make this record was Shane Reily, lap-steel extraordinaire. A man so talented that we were all in awe of his performances. After he got set up and we had a sound we played him Heart Carousel so he could get his head around the vibe and the changes, but gave him no instructions as to how best to compliment the song, we also pressed record. I kid you not the take you hear on that song is the first and only take he did, he predicted all the changes and nailed every subtlety and lead moment. “Ok I think I’ve got it, shall we do a pass” he asked, “nope we got it, next song”.
  2. In one song in particular we made a last minute decision that there should be a double bass, despite having finished recording all the Db earlier that day, only Al, Gus and myself were there so we decided Al should give it a crack. He is very talented and plays many instruments, he did a fine job, but why not test your ears and try figure out on which tracks there is a pro, and on which track it’s our main man AL.
  3. The whole thing took 4 days, not including mixing in Nashville by the superb Eddie Spear. We recorded at Newmarket Studios in North Melbourne. Outside it was cold and rainy but we drank whiskey and were warmed by the company of good friends and nice wholesome fireplace music.
  4. Al’s sister Irena, is also a very talented muso and features gloriously upon this album showcasing her fabulously flawless flute. She also has a kind heart and a funny laugh, and we love her.
  5. If you play Juveniles & Reveries at exactly the same time they combine to compliment one another in perfect syncronicity. No, this is not true but it would be pretty cool if it were. That being said I haven’t tried it, some songs may actually match tempos, hang on just a second!! I’m gonna try it now…..

Kingswood on their recent Garage Sessions for Triple M in Melbourne…
It was such a joy to get together and play, we didn’t really mind that there was no audience, of course we would have preferred to see peoples faces and singing back at us but truthfully we were just grateful to be able to get together and hang out. Not just the band but our sound, lighting, and video crews who have all lost so much work, to give them a gig and check in with the team was excellent.

Compiled by Rob Lyon

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