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Connecticut hardcore metal titans HATEBREED will release their eighth studio album Weight of The False Self via Nuclear Blast on November 27. The band has just dropped the video for the ferocious album opener Instinctive (Slaughterlust). The clip was directed by Justin Reich.

“In a fight for survival, which a lot of us are right now, we must channel our inner animal and trust our instincts,” says singer Jamey Jasta.

Swedish metal force SOILWORK shakes the modern world in its foundations with the announcement of their most daring yet ambitious project to date: On December 4th, the band will release the new EP A Whisp Of The Atlantic.

To give an idea of the overwhelming energy driving SOILWORK into the creation of their masterpiece, the band has released the first single of that EP, The Nothingness And The Devil.

Finnish folk metal superstars KORPIKLAANI announce their new studio album Jylhä (Majestic), to be released on February 5th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Jylhä (which has no direct meaning, can be described as Majestic and it can also be described as wild, rugged in a strong beautiful way) will be available as digital album, CD, black vinyl and grass green vinyl [limited to 300 pieces].

In celebration of the happy news, the band has released a music video for the first single Leväluhta.

The Norwegian blackened Viking heavy metal band HJELVIK has released a lyric video for their new single Helgrinda from the upcoming album Welcome to Hel, which will be released on November 20th 2020 via Nuclear Blast. The video was created by the multi-talented artist Costin Chioreanu (At the Gates, Sigh, Napalm Death) and features Norwegian lyrics.

Frontman and songwriter Erlend Hjelvik comments: “Helgrinda is one of my personal favourites on the album and is sung entirely in Norwegian. It’s one of the more black metal leaning songs on the album and so it felt appropriate to write the lyrics in my native tongue. The lyrics revolve around ancient Scandinavian burial rites and chronicles a fateful journey to the Norse underworld Hel.”

RICKY WARWICK (BLACK STAR RIDERS, THIN LIZZY, THE ALMIGHTY) has announced that he will be releasing a brand-new studio album, his first since 2015. The new album is titled When Life Was Hard And Fast and will be released on the 19th February through Nuclear Blast. The album’s first single Fighting Heart has also been released today and is available on all streaming services right now.

The album on various formats, including a 2CD Digipack which includes the bonus covers album Stairwell Troubadour.

Ricky comments: “Fighting Heart is a celebration of how music, literature, art and movies can inspire and motivate us on a daily basis. Can these things change the world? Who knows for sure. But I believe that loud guitars and rock n roll can save a little piece of us all”

Come one! Come all, to the demented, heinous bloodbath of a murder metal circus that declares MACABRE’s return, Carnival Of Killers. As the band’s first full-length album in almost 10 years and just in time for their 35th anniversary as a band, Carnival Of Killers will be released on November 13th via Nuclear Blast Records. The band released the second single Your Window Is Open.

The video was helmed by award-winning filmmaker, Ryan Oliver who’s previously directed videos for The Atlas Moth, Bill & Phil, Child Bite and Lair of the Minotaur. The video was produced in hand with his colleagues at The Rot Shop, a fabrication and FX shop in Chicago where the same group has previously made props and FX for many artists including MINISTRY and METALLICA.

The Hard Rock powerhouse PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS from Wales have released a music video for their brand-new single Bite My Tongue from the upcoming new album We’re The Bastards, which will be released on November, 13th via Nuclear Blast.

Guitarist Todd Campbell on the new song:
“Because We’re the Bastards said the word Bastard too many bastard times in it we decided to release Bite my Tongue too for your listening pleasure. It never says the word “bastard” in it, but we threw in a few ‘shits’ for good measure!”

Following February’s anti-Valentine’s Day single Circle The Drain, which has racked up millions of streams and cracked the Top 50 at radio, MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn has released a poignant acoustic version of the song via Nuclear Blast.

“When the pandemic hit in March, and all Machine Head tours got cancelled, I started doing free Acoustic Happy Hour shows on Machine Head‘s Facebook page to get out the pent-up energy, entertain some friends, have some laughs, and have a few drinks every Friday,” Flynn explains. “As we had just released our new song “Circle The Drain” fans started asking for me to play it, so I started messing around with it and came up with a re-imagined version of it. It got a phenomenal response… People genuinely loved it, and were continually asking me to release it, and so I recorded it a few weeks back in my home studio, and here it is.”

Norwegian death metal collective INSIDIOUS DISEASE, featuring current/former members from DIMMU BORGIR, MORGOTH, NILE, SUSPERIA and NAPALM DEATH, has revealed a blood curdling anthem today called Born Into Bondage. The track is found on the group’s first album in a decade, After Death, that’s due out on October 30th with Nuclear Blast.

Commenting on the new single, vocalist Marc Grewe states: “Recalling the time Silenoz and myself wrote ‘Born Into Bondage,’ I totally remember it was a foggy and rainy Norwegian day in the fall, just as it is right now, actually…perfect scenery to fall into philosophic talks about lost relationships, lost hopes and so on. We were talking about dependency in any kind of way, may it be religion, ego, drugs or whatever we once were trapped in one way or the other .

We had this traumatic sounding Intro-Theme.. words were flying around and all of a sudden it was assembling together. I just tried out some vocal phrases out of the top of my lungs…and it somehow fitted perfectly. After that it was just like a hot knife cutting the butter.

I guess Silenoz and I have a common sense about what “freedom” means, so after these first takes with an SM 57 in Silenoz basement we just recorded those vocals, that you can actually listen to on this recording…it´s OLD SCHOOL as it was meant to be! No posh studio shit…recording in the basement…its more about the common sense of how you “feel” about a song, not so much about technical abilities! That’s how it works, and how it was meant to be… right?!”

SABATON release a new animated video clip for their song Night Witches, that was created in collaboration with Yarn Hub.

Pär Sundström comments: “I first came into contact with Yarn Hub when a fan recommended a video that was connected to one of our songs and I was impressed by the emotions Yarn Hub delivers in their videos. When Yarn Hub asked if they could feature our singer Joakim in a small cameo I said yes instantly and thought it added such a nice touch to the episode about T.E Lawrence. After that we started to discuss if we could do something together and the idea of ‘Night Witches’ was born. It was impossible not to become emotional when I saw the animated short film for the first time. This is a different way of telling these stories, but what a fantastic way! Enjoy it friends, this is something special.”

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