Davey Lane Announces New Album “Don’t Bank Your Heart On It”

It could be considered a concept record, based on the chaotic twists and turns, the testing ebbs and flows of life. A fairly skittish, wonky concept, granted, but a concept record nonetheless. Or maybe the best way to describe Davey Lane’s new album Don’t Bank Your Heart On It, to be released on 13 November 2020, is a mixtape. A dream mixtape, featuring some of Davey’s favourite artists, performing alongside him.

Call it what you want, but it’s clear on Don’t Bank Your Heart On It that Davey Lane has grown into a tunesmith of unparalleled class.

Davey explains: “I’ve worked with some incredible artists over the years, many of them I’m proud to call friends who helped me through the sometimes arduous, ultimately life-affirming experiences that informed these songs. So why not have them along to tell the story with me? For example, my best pal Tim Rogers reminding me why life’s worth living? Todd Rundgren and Vika & Linda as wizened souls delivering the answers to some of life’s most existential questions – sure, why not!?”

And while names like Vika & Linda Bull, Rundgren and Rogers may just roll off the proverbial tongue with ease, you can add friends such as The Living End’s Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson of Grinspoon, Tommy Stinson of The Replacements, indie legend Robyn Hitchcock, All Our Exes Live in Texas vocalist Georgia Mooney, Mark Wilson from Jet and King Gizzard’s Stu MacKenzie to that list. That is, indeed, a “dream mixtape”.

The first single from Don’t Bank Your Heart On It however is all Davey. You Were A Mirage is deeply personal, cinematic pop, built on the realisation that someone you’d grown close to was never who they appeared to be, as the dizzying euphoria of a blossoming connection turns into gaslighting, subterfuge and heartbreak.

It hints to the themes of the album – about moving on physically and emotionally, following the arc of a relationship breaking down – pain and guilt, wading through toxic waters that raise the question of one’s own existence, through the album’s closing themes of acceptance and hope.



For those who crave a little extra, check out the Don’t Bank Your Heart On It Deluxe Pack. With extra audio to satiate your aural appetite, extra reading to help decipher the album’s codes, concert admittance for those who enjoy the sensory overload of live entertainment and useful materials so Davey can just help you get through your day. All delivered by November 13.



  1. I’ll Swim Ashore
  2. A Clear Road
  3. Never Ever Comin’ Back Again
  4. Gotcha Money On Yr Mind (w/Jimmy Barnes)
  5. I’ll Set U Free (w/Stu Mackenzie)
  6. Some Other Wonder


  1. Beguile Me, Palindrome
  2. Affection’s Walkin’ The Wires
  3. You Were A Mirage
  4. I Look Inside…
  5. Leave It To The Moderns
  6. Acceptance (w/Todd Rundgrem and Vika & Linda)
  7. I’m Yer Wonder Fool
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