Australian born, contemporary Pop / R&B singer Samara returns with her newest single Me and You. This time around Samara has banned together with another A Class team for including her all time favourite producer Eric Erickson alongside Daniel Williams, Excel Beats, song writing genius Tezz Morgan and Ryan Streeter. This colourful and vibrant record is out now and serves as a reminder regardless of the current situation there is always something to celebrate. Samara tells Hi Fi Way more about the single.

Congratulations on the single, looking back do you feel satisfied now that Me and You is out considering the journey to get to this point?
Absolutely! Me and You was such a fun song to record and put together.

What is the story behind the single Me and You?
I would summarise the story behind Me and You as a track that’s about romance, travelling and experiencing summer at its finest (no one specific of course haha 😉)

Were you over the moon with what you achieved with Pull Up?
I most certainly was, Pull Up got so much attention not only in Australia, but all over the world which I am so grateful for.

Are you building towards an album or is the focus on releasing singles for now?
My main focus is singles, they seem to be working really well for me and to be honest, I personally don’t listen to full albums from start to finish. I love being able to swap up the vibe from single to single, you just never know what you’re going to get!

How would you describe your style?
Girly, seductive but tasteful!

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
Hands down my mum. Losing her at such a young age changed my life. It taught me to fight and to stand on my own, without those traits one can’t even begin to tackle the music industry, let alone life as a whole.

Your bio mentions that you tested positive for COVID-19. Are you feeling good now and you do think that younger people fully appreciate how unwell you can get?
Yes, that was definitely a scary start to my 2020 year. I am not at 100% health unfortunately, but I’m getting there. Any virus that attacks one’s system, can cause an enormous amount of aftermath, so I am currently on a raw fruit and vegetable diet, so I can draw out any metal or toxins and give my system a real fighting chance moving forward.

In this COVID haze what has been the biggest thing you have learnt about yourself or new skills you have picked up?
The most important thing I have learnt, is that life is too short to not be happy. It is so important to do the things you love, see the people you care about and ultimately look after your health. Without going crazy, I want to make sure I live life to the fullest and make as many memories as possible. You just never know what’s around the corner.

On a scale of 1-10 how much are you looking forward to playing shows?
10! 10! 10! I cannot wait to get back out there and put on a show, hopefully summer isn’t over for us, by the time this happens!

What’s the next challenge for Samara?
The next challenge for Samara is definitely coming out with a fire music video. This was unfortunately set back due to COVID, but I have some amazing concepts shooting inside at incredible venues, that I can’t wait to show everyone.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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