The Screaming Jets To Release New Five Track EP

The Screaming Jets have announced a new 5-track EP, titled BITTER PILL, set for digital release on October 9.

Faced with an uncertain future and cancelled tour dates, and a very slim chance of getting together as a band in the short term, The Jets set to work earlier this year to reflect on the band’s past and carve a way forward.

Six months of weekly Zoom band meetings which started out as impromptu late afternoon drinking sessions, have delivered fans an unexpected treat! Putting their pandemic time to good use the band selected 5 iconic and much loved songs, tracks that have stood the test of time over their 30 year career, and given them a fresh paint job – reworking and re-recording Helping Hand, Shivers, Friend of Mine, Sad Song and October Grey, whilst still paying the utmost respect to the originals. Helping Hand made its appearance first, with a social media and YouTube release in May, garnering enormous response from fans and industry alike, reaching over 200,000 people. Videos of the remaining four EP tracks will be released in coming weeks.

In the words of producer and long-time collaborator Steve James, “…a good song is a good song…” so whilst paying homage to the originals, The Jets have breathed new life into this selection of revered tunes from Tear Of Thought, World Gone Crazy & their self-titled album, otherwise known as the “Gorilla” album.

In these revamped versions, you can hear the gallons of Jack Daniels consumed, the countless touring kilometres travelled, and literally thousands of shows played, all of which have created the rich patina of Dave’s voice and honed the band’s performance to a T.

Steve James, who was on board again to produce these tracks, said, ‘Having worked with the Screaming Jets for 30 years now it was very inspiring to work on these songs again in isolation!! They haven’t dated a day since we worked on them all those years ago.”

New drummer Cameron McGlinchey explains, “The ‘Bitter Pill’ project has grown in importance as this scenario has evolved around us. What started out as a heartfelt offering of one song in tough circumstances for our community, has morphed into 5 songs, visual accompaniments and interview style insights. It’s a sincere, fun continuation of a conversation this band has had with its devoted friends/fans for over 30 years. Ultimately, paying respect to the songs was the priority.

As a new inclusion in the Jets dynamic, it’s been a pleasure staying positive and connected with these fantastic blokes even though we’ve not been in the same room throughout its completion. ‘Bitter Pill’ is a window into the chemistry of the band.”

And so, as we yearn for our pre-COvid lives, The Screaming Jets take us down a gloriously nostalgic path with this brand spanking new EP, BITTER PILL – indulge yourself!

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