Tired Lion Announces Second Album

Trailblazing Aussie rock act Tired Lion have delivered a slice of new material, in the form of your next grunge go-to Lie To Me. The track heralds the imminent arrival of Tired Lion’s second album, Breakfast For Pathetics, which will be released on November 20 via Dew Process/ Universal Music.

Lie To Me is a song all women can relate to; a powerful purge of the experience of being ‘mansplained’ to and the reinforcement that women are in control of their lives. The sentiment comes in the form of a memorable and mosh-ready slice of grunge pop.

Lie To Me begins innocently enough with unassuming indie pop flourishes, but in just under two minutes manages to devolve into a gritty grunge cacophony. With a bridge that mainlines Hole’s Live Through This, it’s instantly memorable, as evidenced by how quickly fans grew attached to the track played live.

“When we road tested it live on the last tour, the response we got afterwards definitely influenced the decision to record it and put it on the new record” explains frontwoman Sophie Hopes.

Tired Lion’s second album arrives after a period of upheaval in the band. In the aftermath of releasing their critically and commercially successful debut LP, Dumb Days, Hopes relocated from her native Perth to Brisbane – leaving her searching for a new sense of “home” in more ways than one.

Recorded over the previous 12 months at The Grove Studios with Luke Boerdam (Violent Soho) with mixing by Scott Horscroft (DMA’s, The Presets), Hopes cites album influences like Arches of Loaf, Urusei Yatsura, Duster, Pixies and Pavement.

You can hear all those influences pulsate through the record from the guitar tones to chord progressions, as they come hard and fast across an album of tremendously powerful moments. On Breakfast For Pathetics, it sounds like Hopes has finally found a home in herself as an artist. For the rest of us, it feels like we’re only just joining her at the beginning of a new musical journey.

We should probably fuel up for the ride.

Pre-order Tired Lion’s forthcoming album ‘Breakfast For Pathetics’ here.

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