Siberian Tiger Live On Zoom 30/7/2020

On the glorious winter afternoon of July 30, South Australia’s Siberian Tiger – Bree Tranter (The Middle East) and Chris Panousakis (Timberwolf), invited us into their living room via Zoom to share music and stories. The music and stories were those from their upcoming debut EP, First Dance, set for release on August 14 on Part Time Records and Remote Control.

With a sea of faces digitally staring at them, Tranter on keys and Panousakis on guitar, took to the stage so to say to preview four of six songs from First Dance. They began with Water the Plants a song centred on the repetition associated with living in suburbia. For the uninitiated, this was a fabulous introduction to Siberian Tiger and the interplay of Tranter and Panousakis.

Ivy, a song about a friend’s daughter, followed. Its intensity and deliberate, almost haunting sound was mesmerising. If Ivy didn’t have you hooked (which it did) Plane Spotting, Siberian Tiger’s debut single, surely would. Released in 2019, Plane Spotting is a delightful little song. At less than three minutes in length, and lyrics such as, “All I want to do is eat chilli cheesy chicken sandwiches with you/ Listen to you pluck your nylon strings, while the birds nest/ And watch the grass grow longer” it is sure to generate a smile from anyone.

The final song showcased, Call on Me, is the duo’s current single. A song about your ride or die, it invokes a carefree sensitivity that is abundantly evident throughout their catalogue. Bore from Tranter and Panousakis’ familiarity and empathy with each other, this carefreeness is what shines through with their music together with their sheer talent. With another two songs yet to be heard, First Dance is an eagerly anticipated release for 2020.

Live Review By Anita Kertes

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