Alternative folk group Norwood have announced the release of their debut single Take Me Back, a captivating track that gradually builds through honest storytelling and diverse intrumentation is out now.

Norwood consists of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Olivia Bolmat and Nathaniel Peacock, and drummer/producer Connor Tuan. Since forming in early 2019, Norwood have played a number of shows in their hometown of Melbourne, invoking classic folk and country whilst bringing their own unique contemporary spin to such genres. With its nuanced arrangement and thought provoking lyrics, Norwood’s music has been described as “a breath of fresh air” by audiences. Nathaniel from the band answers a few questions about the new single for Hi Fi Way.

How is the band navigating its way through the current health crisis?
In light of another strict lockdown being put into place, we’ve tried to use our newly afforded spare time to work on getting previously recorded music release ready. On the downside, the lockdown has also meant putting any full band rehearsals on hold for the time being.

Is it hard for the band to try and maintain momentum?
Considering the option of live gigging has been off the table for a while now, we’ve definitely faced the challenge of how to keep people engaged with the project. We’ve experimented with live streaming, which actually proved to be a really positive experience, so we’re definitely looking at organising another online event.

Congratulations on the single, what’s the story behind Take Me Back?
Take Me Back was one of the first songs we worked on together as a band. It was imagined solely on an acoustic guitar, but went through a huge transformation during the recording process. We really enjoyed adding new melodies and experimenting with other instruments, as we felt that each new addition contributed to the song’s emotional complexity.

How would you describe the Norwood to the uninitiated?
We often describe ourselves as an alt-folk band, as most of our music builds off an acoustic guitar and revolves around vocal melody. I’d say we also strive to write songs that are reflective and emotionally honest.

Is the band building towards an album?
We definitely have a few things in the works, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

What bands would you consider as being significant influences for Norwood?
Gillian Welch is a huge influence for us, we’re also really into Phoebe Bridgers and Runnner at the moment.

What’s the next challenge for the band?
Putting a proper live set together! It’s something we’ve been super excited to do for a while now, as we’re really keen to explore how we can recreate the feel of the recorded tracks in a completely live setting.

How much are you looking forward to touring resuming?
Very much. Playing live is probably the most rewarding aspect of being a musician for us, so it’s been tough not having that avenue to promote and play our music.

What is something that people don’t know about Norwood?
The band name “Norwood” came from a laneway that we all live near – it’s a frequented shortcut!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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