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Melbourne based artist Anthony Sandry has been around music since childhood but it’s taken some life twist and turns to return to making music and finally release his new EP Visions. Sandry chatted to the Hi-Fi Way about his return to music and his new music.

Visions is your new EP. How does it feel to release new music?
It feels fantastic. I was dreaming about this since I was 10 years old. It wasn’t until later in life after having a family and a career in management that I decided to pursue my music career. It’s exciting times!

The latest single is Visions. Can you tell us about that song?
Visions is a quick snap shot of my life from day dreaming as a child and having a carefree life to when some events in my teenage years changed my life and I had some challenges in life. Then coming out of that stage and finding myself in my 20s music was really my driving passion. So now I’m going for my dreams and building it to see where I am going to be in the future.

You’ve had an on/off relationship with music. What helped you come back to playing?
When I was 17, I sold all my guitars and I stopped pursing it for myself and just left it to listening to music. At the age of 29 just before my first child was born, I was by fate handed a guitar due to a relative’s passing. This acoustic guitar was given to me and that just sparked everything up again. From there that’s where the dream built over the last few years to the point that I knew that there was nothing else I could do. So that event brought me back to music.

Your songs are quite personal and reflective. Do you find writing is a healing process for you?
Yes, it is, 100%! Its now so important I actually can’t heal and overcome certain emotions or express them properly without writing music. Before I would try to talk about things but now it’s a must I write and create songs for therapy.

With You is another single and quite a heartfelt song. How was writing that song and it being such a love song.
That song at the time always is and always will be about getting my emotions out into the open and being able to process them. Feelings of wanting to spend time with somebody and it was really important to express that. I’m really happy with that song.

How would you describe your sound?
Possibly Folk. It’s always evolving so the next few releases will sound different. Visions is my first EP and the first single I wrote a few years ago which led to this. It’s evolving naturally but I would say it’s more Folk, Pop Rock and Country.

Do you find the more you play music you are evolving into different styles and genres?
I think I’m naturally settling in and becoming more comfortable with myself musically to find what is me. I’m not looking for a particular kind of style but I do want to sit somewhere that people enjoy my music. It is a personal thing but it is important that others can connect with it as well. I just want to share my story with the world and for others to get healing through my music too.

What are the future plans for Anthony Sandry?
There’s lots going on right now. I’m in a duo as well with fellow artist Zsuzi where we have a couple of songs being finalised. I’m also working on some solo songs with Simon Cohen in Sydney and will be doing some great original stuff. Lots of exciting things coming up. Also, some live shows once all the quarantining is over!

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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