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Having released a string of stunning ambient indietronica throughout 2020, including Realign, Fabric, Tide, and more recently All, Bristol based musician Henry Green releases his highly anticipated sophomore album Half Light on Akira Records. Written, produced, and sung by Green himself, the album is delicately balanced throughout, whilst featuring some standout performances from UK singer-songwriter Andreya Triana and Canadian artist Ghostly Kisses.

The nine track LP penned over the course of five months is a beautifully intimate, and honest telling of Green’s own vulnerabilities, and how he has faced those challenges head on. Henry gives Hi Fi Way some greater insight to the album.

Congratulations on the album, has it been a stressful time with the build up to this one?
It’s been a little strange! I’ve distanced myself a little from the album release, apart from a few interviews and reading a couple of reviews. I’m just relieved that people are connecting with it. I was so absorbed in the process, that it’s difficult to know how the record actually feels. So I’m just happy that people are finding something within these songs.

How have you coped with being in isolation?
It actually hasn’t been too difficult for me, it’s not too dissimilar to my day to day anyway haha. I live out in the countryside, so I’ve been able to walk a lot with my dog and work on a lot of new music. I’ve been feeling really inspired so I’ve been trying to capitalise on that and play with new ideas.

Did you have second thoughts about packing up shop for a while and going fishing?
Haha I’m often having those thoughts! Music is a very personal thing, it so often becomes overwhelming, I sometimes feel overly invested. But I wouldn’t change it, I’m so grateful to have an outlet and to be able to express myself through my art.

Have you kept being creative during this time or has it all been focused on the album?
Thankfully, yes! I’m really happy to be in a bit of a creative flow at the moment. I’m working on a lot of new sounds, without any pressure or preconceptions.

Sonically, how would you describe your sound on this album?
Intimate. Half Light was written and produced in my loft, a super intimate space and I think that can be heard on the record. I think the record reflects not only the physical space in which it was conceived, but also the headspace I was in when creating it. It’s an honest exhibition of everything I was feeling.

Do you think your sound much has changed much between album?
I think so. Maybe not drastically, but I’m constantly looking for new ways to express myself through sound, and discovering new techniques, or finding new instruments. I want to experiment and take my music to new places, whilst hopefully retaining the same essence and a familiar feeling.

Were you conscious of the second album blues?
Maybe a little. I wasn’t feeling pressure from anyone else, other than myself really. I just wanted some sort of release, to be able to express myself.. the end product was almost secondary. I’m grateful that a collection of songs emerged from that period.

What’s your favourite track from the album and why?
Fabric, for sure. It was a song that I wrote purely acoustically, unlike the rest of the tracks that stemmed from production ideas. I’m so happy that the intimacy transferred to the production, I wanted to keep it very sparse and honest.

How hard will it be to maintain the momentum of the album release until you can get out and tour?
It’s going to be strange. We’d started rehearsing the songs from Half Light, but that’s obviously on pause now for a while. I haven’t played live for so long, so it’s going to be great when we can finally get out and translate the songs to a live environment. But for the time being, hopefully these songs can connect with people remotely.

What’s next for Henry Green?
Hopefully… a natural flow of new music. I’m enjoying working on new ideas, nothing forced or unnatural. I’m already excited to develop and share them!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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