A Tribute To R.E.M.

A Tribute to R.EM.From a Murmur to a Monster is rare opportunity to experience all your favourite R.E.M. songs performed live!

This unique series of concerts will feature an all-star line-up of Vocalists

  • Ron S. Peno (Died Pretty)
  • Ashley Naylor (Even)
  • Chris Cooke (The Chosen Few)

The backing band is The Exploding Boys who feature members from Died Pretty, Glide.

Together they will honour the sound that was uniquely and undeniably R.E.M. as they perform songs from R.E.M.’s incredible songbook including – Losing My Religion, The One I Love, Man on the Moon, It’s The End of the World, Radio Free Europe, Drive, Orange Crush, Everybody Hurts, The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight, Nightswimming, Stand, Fall on Me, Driver 8 plus plenty more.

Tickets from Metropolis Touring

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