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Childhood best mates Sophisticated Dingo have a down-to-earth honesty about them, wielding a tidy discography of pop rock tunes that speak from the heart. Their new offering, What Is Going On? is out now and sees the duo opt for a softer sound than previous single Vultures, while maintaining a healthy dose of garage punk and 60s surf rock influence.

The track also sees drummer Jimmy Medley take the lead on vocals for the first verse, and comes alongside a charming music video and the announcement of the band’s forthcoming sophomore EP, How’s The Carry
out August 19.

Over to to Lew from Sophisticated Dingo…

Hey my name is Lew and this is a shameless look at the music I grew up on. These songs are what I think made me tick the way I do musically.

Michael Jackson – Rock with You

MJ is my earliest music memory. Mum taped an anniversary concert of his and had a bunch of CDs at home. So many good songs but this one always excited me the most.

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Watching Rage on a Saturday morning when I was 6. This video blew me away and brought on feelings I definitely did not understand at the time. Song still bangs extremely hard and I can’t imagine it escaping anyone of my generation.

Robbie Williams – Come Undone

The first CD I bought was a Robbie Williams Greatest Hits album. My first live music DVD was Robbie Williams performing live at Knebworth. Go watch that on YouTube. It rocks harder than my band and most others I have ever seen. Come Undone hits hard and can bring a hung-over man to tears in his bed on a Sunday morning.

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Another CD I bought back in primary school was How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb an album by U2… Vertigo is on it. I really fell hard for it and dug deep through the U2 discography. Coming across Sunday Bloody Sunday while learning guitar was a present worth more than 10 Christmases. Seeing that live for the first time back in 2010 was everything I ever needed.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue

A primary school friend let me borrow his dad’s copy of Blood Sugar Sex Magik to put in my iTunes library. Again, I fell down the rabbit hole of a band’s discography. Californication was everything 11 year-old me didn’t know he needed. It is nice to look back and think how difficult this song was to play on guitar when I first heard it. Knowing that I progressed enough while still enjoying listening to the song to be able to play it properly too was a proud achievement.

Kings of Leon – Trani

I thought I had found some attitude in leaving primary school behind and was finding my alternative taste in music when I listened to Kings of Leon. Really, like everyone else I was lured in with Sex on Fire. What a hit. Once again I delved deep into all their albums that they had released at the time. I fell in love with their first record Youth And Young Manhood. Trani always really hit me the hardest. Over the years it never fails to, albeit in different ways at different ages. Bob Dylan rates that song highly too. So it must be good.

You Am I – If We Can’t Get It Together

My guitar teacher taught me a song from the Hourly Daily record and told me to go and buy this album. I fell in love with the band, listened for years and still do. Fast forward to playing gigs and this was one of the first songs I really felt comfortable with singing while playing guitar.

DZ Deathrays – Gebbie Street

A big sound for not many humans. The idea of two pieces was very cool when I was in high school. DZ Deathrays sounded amazing too. They are technically great players and rock hard. Gebbie Street is a slow burning thrash-pop masterpiece off their first album. I remember jamming this out with my brother on the drums.

The Gooch Palms – Don’t Look Me Up

Great song that caught me immediately. I first heard of The Gooch Palms when they went on a huge tour with Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays and Dune Rats. Seeing them live gave me an insane rush and drove me to write tunes of my own that were trashy, poppy and fun. Supporting them a few years later goes down as one of my favourite memories of playing live.

Wavves – My Head Hurts

I started listening to Wavves when people told me that Sophisticated Dingo sounded like them. I loved everything I heard and got really stuck into My Head Hurts. The album V that it is on broke really big in Australia and now I can’t go a few months without listening to Wavves.

Compiled By Rob Lyon

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