Birds Of Tokyo Release “Never Going Back”

Birds Of Tokyo today release the video for Never Going Back, the 6th single to be lifted from their #1 ARIA album Human Design. The video was created from archival footage of the band from the past 15 years which gives fans candid glimpses of Birds of Tokyo over their career.

“Never Going Back is the final piece that caps off the journey and everything the band went through over the two years while writing Human Design. It’s a song about acceptance and perseverance. This band has seen and been through so much together in fifteen years it’s kind of hard to quantify – what we’ve learned we try to share, and what we accept is there’s still a lot to learn. We dug deep and found a bunch of early footage of the band for the video for Never Going Back. It’s a look back on where we came from and a reminder of who we are now.” – Ian Kenny

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