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Australian metal destroyers AVERSIONS CROWN have released their fourth studio album, Hell Will Come For Us All. With new vocalist Tyler Miller (The Guild) at the fore has brought new energy and intensity with what has been considered as their most focused album to date. When the dust settles there is no doubt that the band will be tearing it up globally. Hi Fi Way spoke to guitarist Mick Jeffrey about the album and how the current global health crisis has slowed the momentum a bit for the band.

It is exciting that the album is out. Was it a tough decision to push on with the album release as planned considering everything that is going on?
Yeah, I mean it was a weird thing to kind of have to make that call. Especially seeing as we cannot go out and tour to promote the album the way we normally would, and the way most bands would. I don’t know, for some reason it seems like it’s the right thing to do, is to still put the album out now as we did.

I think people probably could do with some new music, and it might work out for us in the way that people have been at home for so long and cannot go to gigs. More and more people are actively searching for new music and trying to check out new bands. It might work out that we release it at this time and a whole bunch of new people will checkout the band out because they’re just searching for some kind of new music fix. I guess we’re going to have to wait and see how it pans out.

It must be frustrating that you have such momentum building up to an album release. What do you do to keep the album alive until you can start touring once the dust settles?
The hard thing is we do not really know how long it is going to be until the dust settles. It could be months, could be years. It is pretty hard to predict. I guess everyone is taking it as it comes. We have an Australian tour rescheduled for December. As far as we can tell, that is all hopefully going to be back on track in time for that. We will reschedule all the other tours around the world as soon as we can get back there.

Do you album number four was probably the hardest? Or are they all hard in their own individual way?
There is always challenges, and you never really know what they are going to be before you go into doing an album. This one seemed as if it was going to be a straightforward process going into it. Then we found ourselves starting the album and having to find ourselves a new vocalist. That is a huge challenge. Not really knowing how it was going to pan out when we went it to this ended up working out for the best for the band, for sure. We ended up with a product that we never thought we could have achieved.

It was full of challenges in that aspect. The actual writing process and recording process was enjoyable and felt effortless in terms of the way everything ran. We pushed as hard as we could to get the best takes and everything worked in the studio. It did not feel like anything was getting forced. It was an enjoyable process in there.

How do you think the new singer changed the dynamic of the band?
Obviously, he has got a different sound, which is something that we wanted to go for. We wanted a more aggressive vocal sound. Someone with a bit more clarity, where you can really grab onto the words, hear the vocal lines, hear the hooks in the lyrics, and that kind of stuff. He has added in some melody into certain parts of his vocals as well, which we have never been able to do before. There is a good energy as well which translates throughout the whole band, having his energy, both onstage and offstage. We all get on well as friends offstage as well.

It has brought a new energy to the band, which is always a positive thing. Especially when you have been around as long as Aversions Crown, for over ten years and you’re on your fourth album, and you’ve done multiple tours around all around the world. Any kind of new energy that can be brought into it is a positive thing.

How did you find Tyler? Was he a long-time friend, or just kind of bobbed up at the right time?
We did not know him at all previously. We heard his other band from Knoxville in Tennessee, in America. He was singing for a band called The Guild. When we heard that band, we really liked the sound of his voice and we found ourselves in the position where we needed a fill-in vocalist for a European tour. We contacted a few people to see who was available and interested and straight away, he was one that we contacted, and he was so keen to do it. Tyler submitted a demo of his vocals over one of our songs, within a few hours of us contacting him. He was so proactive about wanting to do stuff and showing us that he was keen and had the chops.

Right from the get-go we had a good feeling about him. It was always a bit of a gamble taking him on tour in Europe, as we had never hung out in person, and we’d never seen him perform, or performed together. Right from the first show, he did a great job and he improved constantly throughout the tour. To the point that, by the end of the tour, he was almost a whole new vocalist. We saw so much potential in his voice and realised he could be a good option if we found ourselves needing a full-time singer, which we did.

During this down time have you kept working on new music or are you taking a break?
Both actually! There’s always new music being written, so that never stops. We have had more time at home than we used to work on some new stuff and try out some new ideas. We are trying to really focus on promoting this new album, which is out now which will keep us busy. Now that it is out, we are really looking forward to seeing the reaction to what people think of it.

What is next for Aversions Crown or are you still working that out?
We are still working that out. I guess the hurdle for us is having a vocalist in another country. It makes it hard to get together and do those live streams that a lot of bands have started doing. I think a band really clicks when you are all in the room together and playing. I think we might lose a bit of that by doing it remotely. At the same time, there is less options about what we can do at the moment, so that might be something we’ll look into, figuring out a way to do it.

Finger crossed everything goes well and we can see the band play here in December?
Awesome, man. Thanks so much for the kind words. I think we’re scheduled to play there in December so hopefully that happens.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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