New Single For James Reyne

James Reyne has revealed the stripped back video for new single Toon Town Lullaby, the lead single from the album of the same name, released on July 10 through Bloodlines.

The simple, stunning video was shot at Melbourne’s iconic Palais Theatre by Josh Owen.

Owen explains, “James was looking for a really iconic location. The Palais was the first venue that sprang to mind because it’s so aesthetically pleasing, also we loved the juxtaposition of filming a video with just James on guitar sitting on a huge empty stage, in a massive empty venue – exactly the opposite of what you’d expect to see at The Palais and a sign of these unusual times we find ourselves in.”

A savage look at the cliched world of co-writing and the manufactured hit-making machine, the beauty of the music in Toon Town Lullaby masks the sting of its lyrics: “I’m gonna kick some tyres,” James sings. “And light some fires and punch a hole in the sky.”

Produced by Dorian West and co-produced by James Reyne, the album Toon Town Lullaby sees James Reyne focused firmly on the future. His wry observations and wordplay remain razor-sharp across the 10 tracks – he even takes a stab at writing a love song, aptly titled Trying To Write A Love Song.

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