Melbourne based alt-rock band Verticoli have released their new single Uneasy and it’s the perfect tune to stave off the pandemic blues. Drummer Will Colvin chatted to the Hi-Fi Way about the new song, the songwriting process and what it was like working with Cam Hull.

Uneasy is your new single, what is the song about?
Its just about the general feeling, literally of unease. Not being certain of yourself and what’s happening in the world around you and not being sure of what to do about it. Actually, it’s a really old song. It’s one of our first songs that we put together many years ago and we started playing it again in gigs recently and when we were in the recording studio last year recording a few songs we decided to give this one the proper studio treatment.

It’s an old song written back when we were younger and teenagers feeling angsty. It’s a good time now to bring it out where that feeling is back. Personally, we’re confused about what’s happening with the world, especially in the last couple of months. That lack of certainty and what to do about it.

Isn’t it funny how its an old song but years later it’s still relevant as much as it was when you first wrote it.
Definitely! When we wrote it, we were younger and we were angsty about ourselves. Now that we are all grown up, we get all angsty about the rest of the world and where you fit in, how you are supposed to make the world a better place. It’s still relevant especially at the moment.

Was it a collaborative process to write the song? How do you go through the writing process?
Its definitely a collaborative process and the way we write its usually born out of a riff. We’re obviously a riff heavy band and we build a song around that, then lyrically writing how we are feeling at the time. We revamped it in this studio recording process recently and it was a similar thing. We are little bit older and wiser. We are a little bit more tasteful with our playing as well. Not quite so edgy and punky. We polished up all the parts as well, making it feel how Verticoli sounds now.

You worked with Cam Hull and Forrester Savell on the single. What was it like working with them?
Really good! Really good! Cam was the one in the studio with us. He’s a muso himself and in the same kind of band circles that we are so when he gives feedback he’s right and you believe him. He’s a really good producer to work with because he’s honest and gives you good feedback on what needs improving or what’s good.

We were in the studio with him recording a lot of different songs over quite a few days, so its easy to have ups and downs and feeling kind of demoralised or start getting confused what you want the song to sound like in the end. He was always really good at providing that little bit of input but never taking over.

How would you describe your sound?
I would say its based on what our influences are and we come from a space of like 90s alternative rock. We’re instrumentalists in the first instance. So groove driven alternative rock I would say.

How is the COVID-19 situation treating you creatively and personally? Is it good for creating new music or a hindrance?
I think a bit of both to be honest. Purely just geographically we aren’t living in the same house so its stopped us from getting together, jamming, writing and spending time with each other. It definitely impacts our songwriting but at the same time I think what it’s done is it’s given us the opportunity to come up with ideas, share music files back and forth with each other and spend some time listening and creating when we didn’t have that time before COVID-19. It’s obviously it’s a struggle that you can’t be gigging and its difficult bringing out new music but we are very excited getting back into it. We are ready to go and have some great ideas and more than anything mentally we are really really keen to get back to playing live.

You’re a band that plays live a far bit. Are you missing that interaction with an audience?
For sure and just with ourselves. We love it when people turn up to our gigs but we play gigs to make ourselves feel good and to spend time with each other. So, we miss that comradery on stage and like you said miss being able to play to people. We are very excited to get back into it and I think a lot of people are. It’s been tough for live music and musicians the last couple of months but when its back with a bang!

How did come up with the name Verticoli?
This is the problem having been in a band together for so long (laughs) we came up with that band name back when we were young teenagers and maybe a little less clever than we are today (laughs). Coming up with a band name that nobody knows how to pronounce. It’s from the movie Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell where he has a whale bone hairbrush that he uses and its called the verticoli. We thought that was the funniest thing!

What’s in store for Verticoli for the future post COVID-19?
Like I said we are ready to get back into gigging and writing music. We’ve been sitting at home now for a couple of months with ideas. We are looking forward to getting back into songwriting and the studio to be able to release some more songs later in the year. Just getting back into gigging and spending time with our mates and different bands that we play. I think that’s the most exciting thing for us and hopefully getting around the country as well. That’s something we miss. We can’t play anywhere so playing in some different cities is what we are looking forward to doing.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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