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Last Dinosaurs return to the spotlight with their French house inspired new single Flying. This 90’s Nu-Disco vibe has always been in Last Dinosaurs’ D.N.A having covered artists in their live show like Jamiroquai, Spiller, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Modjo and Daft Punk. So they’ve decided to have a little fun with it and enjoy themselves in the process. Lach Caskey from the band talks more about the single.

We really dig Flying, what has inspired this nu-disco vibe?
Thank you! Well I suppose it’s because that’s what we grew up with on the radio and on rage. We’ve played covers of Jamiroquai, Modjo and Spiller in the past and it’s always felt natural to us, so making flying was kinda like a homage to our developing musical toddler brains.

Is hard to go with something a bit different to what fans would be expecting the band to sound like?
I wouldn’t say it’s hard, but you obviously have to really judge whether a song sounds authentic to you. But to be honest, I don’t even think that this is too left-of-field for us because we play danceable music and always have!

Have you been pleased with the reaction to the single?
Most certainly. Our fans never fail to flatter us with their comments and particularly their artwork. Lot’s of talented graphic design people out there making crazy good fan art for flying!

What is the story behind the single Flying?
I originally wrote three years ago as a trap song, but long story short I only got halfway there. Turns out a 4 to the floor beat suit it much better and it became much more of a French house song. But when we decided to take it on for Dinos the nu-disco elements became the predominating factor. The lyrics paint a simple vibe, there is no big message to it. Simply a time stamp of my bachelor days of a few years ago.

Is this style like to carry through the new album you are working on?
I’m going to be honest with you here. We have no idea!

Is it frustrating that COVID-19 has slowed the momentum for the band
Yes and no. It’s giving us valuable downtime, but we really did have some huge shows to announce this year so it’s a bummer. I think we’re going to capitalise on this time to write music though, so it’s just how we decide to look at it.

Have you found yourself to be more creative during this time?
Yes. I’m in Mexico in a fairly small city with a lot of history and I have a lot of privacy. I write every day. I relish in these times.

Are there plans to release an album this year?
No, but to record it, most definitely! Probably in Mexico at the end of this year, we will rendezvous and get the job done.

Is the band itching for the green light to recommence tour plans?
Itching not so much yet. I think I’m enjoying the freedom at the moment. But in a few more months I’ll be properly fired up, no doubt.

What’s next for Last Dinosaurs?
More international touring, more local touring, new album, new singles, new new new. We’ve got the best team of people on board with us now, so we’re primed for the next chapter!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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