Pop Evil Releases Two New Singles Preparing For New Album

After a very successful debut Australian Tour in 2019, Michigan’s own, POP EVIL, have released two new singles Let The Chaos Reign and Work, marking the first taste of new music from the band since their Pop Evil full-length in 2018. The new tracks arrive as a twin assault of invigorating, ready-made hits for 2020, from a forthcoming album filled to the brim with a dozen tracks each worthy of a dedicated spotlight. Let the Chaos Reign is the heaviest single the band has ever dropped, a rousing fight song of self-determination about rising to meet any challenge with courage and strength. By contrast, Work puts its heavy guitars atop a grooving rhythmic punch, as it champions the working-class heroes struggling to persevere across all industries today.

Speaking on the new singles and upcoming album, front man and band founder Leigh Kakaty stated: “We won’t bore people with the same song over and over. When you come to our live show, we feel like there should be an ebb and flow, peaks and valleys, that are similar to real life. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. We like to take people on a journey when they listen to our music or come to see us live.”

The band also enlisted new creative teams of producers and collaborators to emphasise the uniquely varied aspects of the band’s sound. As Let The Chaos Reign and Work might suggest, the contrast and fearless genre-defying cross-cultural pollination have never been stronger than on album number six. The pre-production process yielded close to 30 songs, whittled down to the most potent 12 that represent everything POP EVIL is about.

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