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ARIA nominated faux French sensations Baby et Lulu have released their new single Jardin Aux Souvenirs. One of the most beloved songs of all time Jardin Aux Souvenirs is a translation of the Henry Mancini song Moon River which was made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Jardin Aux Souvenirs is the first single to be released from Baby et Lulu’s forthcoming third album titled Album Trois. Abby Dobson answers a few questions about the single and what’s ahead when things settle down.

How are you managing the whole isolation situation?
I’m well versed and suited to a quiet life and so it hasn’t been too hard to adapt to the new isolation rules. It also helps living in Sydney where the sun has been shining gloriously and the parks are green and nourishing. Nature is a great friend.

Have you found yourself to be in a more creative mindset making the most of the time?
I feel like I’m only just starting to get creative and playful. For the first few weeks I continued to feel busy. Even if wasn’t necessarily. There was a pervading sense of urgency about everything, despite being seemingly cool about everything. It’s only now that my inner world has slowed down enough to start playing with things in a loose kind of way.

Do you think the government is doing enough to support the industry through this?
I personally have enrolled for Jobseeker and Jobkeeper. Our Baby et Lulu tour plans took a year to put into place and we had hoped to tour from June till December and beyond.

All my other varied projects have also been cancelled. I am yet to hear word about my applications and haven’t received a cent. I know there are many people who will fall through the cracks of the government’s package and no, I don’t feel like they are doing enough. I would like to be wrong about this.

Have you been happy with how the new single Jardin Aux Souvenirs has been received?
The people who have heard Baby et Lulu’s new single have told us that they love it, but truthfully it doesn’t feel like a wonderful time to be releasing new music. Our usual media supporters have been obviously busy with other news or are also not working. So it’s been very hard to get the news out.

Did you approach making the third album any differently this time?
We made Album Trois in quite the same fashion as we have made our first two albums. We have been fortunate to have the same core musicians as we have had play on our other glorious albums. This album has a few new extra guests, and we worked with a different engineer (Lewis Mitchell) and mixer (Daniel Denholm). Lulu and I produced this album entirely on our own, unlike the last two albums which we co-produced.

Did the current climate influence how you were going to go about the release of this album?
The current climate has meant that we have had to change every plan that we had in place or in our minds!

Has this genre always been something that has excited you?
This kind of music has really only come to life since the inception of Baby et Lulu. Lara and I, quite well into our friendship, realised that we could both speak French. And we both had a great love of harmony. Our mutual loves of the French language and harmony and passionate music found a natural bedfellow with this kind of music.

Do you remember fondly how it all began?
WE remember very fondly how it all began. We were both in Paris. I was there for a couple of months with my boyfriend who was working there and Lulu and her then boyfriend were holidaying there. We met up and she had under her arm a book of twentieth century french chansons that she had just bought.

We only realised then that we could both speak pretty good french and one of us floated that idea that perhaps one day we could do a song together in French. We’d never sung together before but we loved the idea. A few months later, we were both in Sydney and she had a party at the warehouse she was living in. Somehow we decided to do a song at the party! So we rehearsed and found an accordionist to accompany us and we stood on milk crates at this party and sang a song from the book she had bought called Les Baisers. And we were then so completely hooked!

Are you looking forward to getting the green light to start touring again?
We are champing at the bit to get the green light to play music all together again and share that with our audiences again.

What albums are on your record player/ Spotify play list right now?
I am listening to a lot of Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, plus revisiting some old albums I used to love, prompted by the many album challenges that are doing the rounds of Facebook presently.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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