Parkway Drive “Viva The Underdogs”

Viva The Underdogs is the third documentary from Australian metal heavyweights Parkway Drive.

This 72-minute feature follows the band across their European headlining tour of 2019, as they work towards their ultimate goal of headlining the world’s largest metal festival, Wacken Open Air

The continued rise of Byron Bays favourite sons through the ranks of the metal elite has been phenomenal. Far from an overnight success story, Parkway Drive have forged their place amongst the metal elite through a relentless touring schedule and six full length albums across their seventeen-year career. From humble beginnings playing mates house parties, to headlining the world biggest festivals, this success is made even more impressive that the band are still self-managed to this day.

The documentary has some fantastic jaw dropping live footage. The narration from front man Winston McCall is great, and the interviews with crew and music industry figures give some great insight to the bands inner workings. Director Allan Hardy does a great job pulling the elements together. The film is well paced with a good balance between behind the scenes footage and the fist-pumping anthems the band has become famous for.

Viva The Underdogs shows the band continuing to push their boundaries, challenging themselves to put on the biggest and best production possible. It is a testament to their shared ambition, unrelenting drive and work ethic. The challenges that come with touring a production that size are immense, and the mental and physical pressures on the band and crew to deliver the perfect show takes its toll.

Watching them emerge triumphant on the stage at Wacken, you can’t help but smile and share in the exhilaration as these Byron Bay lads play the show of their lives. It’s an epic setting for the grand finale, and with over 20 minutes of the Wacken performance shown gives fans new and old more than a taste of the action. What next for Parkway Drive? Only they know, but rest assured they will do it their way.

Viva The Underdogs!!!

Film Review By Samuel Phillips

Check out Viva The Underdogs HERE

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