The Drones Bandcamp Rarities Releases

Over the next few weeks, TFS Records is diving deep into the archives and releasing five volumes of live recordings spanning every line-up and incarnation of Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin’s musical careers to date…. Including Bong Odyssey, The Drones, Tropical Fu*k Storm, and Drones spin-off country band (yes that’s right) Thunder Box!

The five records feature material from officially released records, as well as unreleased gold, and a whole lot of surprises that only isolation during a global pandemic could uncover.

The first two instalments are available now digitally on Bandcamp here

1st – The Drones – LIVE Vol.1, 2001 – 2004
“This is the first proper working line up of the Drones with Rui and Chrisso. We moved from Perth to Melbourne and put one of those old-school A4 drummer wanted adds in a record store and got a call from Chrisso and we were off and racing. We made the first three Drones records, toured around a bit and shared houses.” Gareth

Line Up:
Gareth Liddiard- guitar vocals
Fiona Kitschin- bass backing vocals
Rui Pereira- guitar backing vocals
Christian Strybosch- drums

2nd – The Drones – LIVE Vol.2 Spanish Club, Melbourne March 2006.
“This was recorded in March 2006 after the Drones got back from six months in Europe. We lived in Kreuzburg in Berlin by the Spree and played shows all over the joint until our wheels fell off. Then we went back to Melbourne and played two nights at the old Spanish Club on Johnson Street in Fitzroy. I remember we were all still jet-lagged. This is just before Gala Mill was released so we weren’t playing much of it yet even though we’re recorded it a year earlier. We had some record company dramas at the time. Anyway, that didn’t stop us enjoying those two lovely autumn nights blasting the crap out of everybody’s weekend. If it was a weekend, I can’t remember. Turn it up!” Gareth

Line Up:
Gareth Liddiard- guitar and vocals
Fiona Kitschin- bass and backing vocals
Rui Pereira- guitar and drums on “Rui’s Montreux”
Mike Noga- drums and backing vocals

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