Tim Rogers Live On Instagram

As isolation and social distancing become the new normal for now the absence of live music from our lives is really starting to hit home. Some of us are really starting to crave the excitement and energy that comes with see our favourite artists play. On a positive note seeing how artists are adapting and keeping connected with their fans is terrific. The importance of that alone can’t be underestimated.

Seeing Tim Rogers play live on Instagram was just the tonic for a quiet Saturday afternoon. The footage wasn’t perfect but the sound was great live from the great man’s living room along with nearly 1,400 fans watching on.

Tim was originally going to play the new record that he had written but thought “neh”. How Much Is Enough? was a great opener and it wouldn’t be a Tim Rogers or You Am I show without this set staple. Timmy remarks, “I sure hope this sounds right, if it doesn’t sound right at least I look pretty”. Purple Sneakers sounded glorious and The Umpires Son was dedicated to his dad, and his brother and sister to.

The song that was full of emotion was the Townes Van Zandt cover Tecumseh Valley which was dedicated to Tim’s friends in Italy. Tim admitted he was nervous about playing this one for the first time. Quite an amazing cover and later commenting “songs of misery for your enjoyment”. As he reached for his beverage he made the comment “Timmy needs his medicine”. New song What The Hell had been written this morning and played this afternoon. Heavy Heart is just as relevant and poignant now as it ever has been before to close out his set leaving the crowd with a message “see you when the storm blows over”.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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