Yorke Releases Her Debut EP

On Liberosis, Yorke’s elegant and heartfelt debut EP, the 21-year old alt-pop singer-songwriter gets to the true emotional core of coming of age. Released today, Yorke hosted a live stream listening party last night, playing live songs from Liberosis and interviewing the producers on the EP.

While bursting with moments of raw catharsis and vulnerability, Liberosis features the work of producer Xavier Dunn (Jack River), mixer Mark Rankin (Adele, Florence and The Machine), writer, producer and mixer Andy Hopkins (Coterie, Emalia), mixer Chris Collins (Skeggs, Middle Kids), and collaborator LANKS, among others.

Yorke takes us through each track of her debut EP where she explores the messiness of moving from adolescence into adulthood, and most crucially, the liberation found in discovering who you are and what you want.


“I hadn’t actually seen the Titanic at the time, so I researched the plot and storyline as if it was an assignment. I thought it could be cool to write it from Cal’s perspective, as no one really ever talks about that. Granted he wasn’t very nice, but I felt a bit sorry for him. I’ve since watched the movie (yes, I cried a lot), and in a weird way, the song seemed to make a lot more sense now”.

Wake The City
“This track was written whilst I was at a mental crossroads and was figuring out the importance of trusting your gut or letting your emotions cloud your judgement. It was one of the first songs we wrote for the EP, and I love the way it blends a hint of electronica into the cinematic Yorke sound. It’s a pretty personal song for me”.

Thought I Could
“This song will forever remain my favourite on the EP. Whilst the meaning behind it has shifted slightly as I’ve grown, the basis remains the same. It’s about letting go of a person, a town, and a childhood all at once. No matter how many times I’ve heard it, it still makes me emotional, especially live. It was also written during my first session with Hauskey (Andy Hopkins) who became a big collaborator on this EP.”

Nights We Waste
“I see this song as a breath of fresh air on the EP. A moment to stop and let things go, and just enjoy being in the moment. The lyric “Honestly we’re holding onto things we can’t control’ sums up a lot of the EP for me. It’s the acknowledgement that yes, things are out of your hands and you’re just going to have to accept that. I really struggled with change when I was younger, but I’m getting a lot better”.

First Light
“This track always reminds me of driving with my friends through the countryside after school. It was written as a nostalgic anthem of self-care and love, to myself and those around me. The song was born from an image, Chris Collins (the producer), accidentally took of a setting sun over a country road. I connected with it straight away.”.

Treading Water
“Treading Water definitely has to be the most angsty song on the EP, whilst possibly also the most empowering (to me). Think of it as a letter to the person who asked my parents when I was going to “to back to Uni and give up my little music hobby”. Nothing about being a creative is easy, but we do it because we love it. The lyric ‘I’m treading water but I’m still alive’ resonates with me so deeply, now more than ever.”

Don’t Let the Lights Go Out (feat. LANKS)
“I am a big fan of LANKS’ work and was really excited to work with him. Straight away I knew the song was going to be special, and Will’s gentle nature gave me the strength to open up and be vulnerable. I think it’s the perfect track to bookend this EP, and this chapter of my life. I’ve played this song a lot live, acoustically, and it’s the moment where everyone seems to stop and be still. For me, it was the final transition from youth to adulthood.”

Dates to Yorke’s Liberosis Tour are currently postponed with confirmed dates still to be announced. Ticket holders will receive an email from ticket vendor advising of new dates and will have the option to keep ticket as valid for new date or request a refund. For more information please visit Yorke’s website and socials.

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