Lockdown Get Down

The Cat Empire are initiating Lockdown Get Down, a movement to help musicians increase available income to survive these turbulent times.

Lockdown Get Down is aimed at driving music lovers toward streaming more of their favourite artists during the lockdowns that people are facing across the planet due to the COVIR-19 pandemic.

With their current sold out tour of Europe postponed after just four shows, and the subsequent cancellations of both BluesFest Byron Bay and Groovin’ the Moo, The Cat Empire had 17 shows cancellations in just 2 days. This represents over $750,000 of lost income for the band, plus amounting unrecoverable expenses.

Uncertain what the future looks like, The Cat Empire know they are not alone with this devastating situation. With all public events cancelled for the foreseeable future, all touring musicians, crews and their extended networks will suffer enormous loss of income over coming months, with the current total declared to #ilostmygig sitting at over $100million at press time. https://ilostmygig.net.au

“As I made the call to cancel The Cat Empire’s European tour I went to bed dreading the next day. I woke up knowing I had to turn despair into innovation, and not just to help the musicians I work with, but all musicians. So the idea for Lockdown Get Down was born, and brought to life by my team in the 48 hours that followed.” Correne Wilkie; Director Maven & Muse, Manager The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire family have come up with a simple way that fans can support their favourite artists at the cost of no more than a click.

Wilkie explains, “After giving so generously to bushfire recovery efforts around Australia recently, we know that people are low on cash reserves to help others, but this idea won’t cost you any more than what you are already paying to listen to music. And if you use a free streaming service, then it won’t cost you anything, but you can play a critical role in helping our industry.”

Acknowledging the fear and uncertainty everyone is experiencing right now, The Cat Empire recommend we look after each other, get creative, integrate some inspired new ways to live more lightly on the planet, and try to make the best of this situation by having a Lockdown Get Down at home. With the likelihood that many if not all of us are going to be at home with our laptops, canned food, kids, pets and other loved ones, The Cat Empire propose we let music help us through our days from morning until night.

The request is simple:

Please stream more music.

  1. Play your favourite music non-stop on your preferred streaming service.
  2. Create a playlist; name it lockdowngetdown, and share it with your friends.
  3. Post your Lockdown Get Down photos and videos with hashtags #lockdowngetdown and #thecatempire so we can see you all rocking out at home.

Play music as you grapple with what to do next, while you cook, in the bathroom while your kids take a bath, on your computer while you work at the kitchen table, let your kids make their own #lockdowngetdown playlists to pump in their bedrooms, and keep the music streaming as you drift off to sleep…

“Our industry is under serious global threat as gatherings in public spaces are not allowed to continue”, Wilkie concludes “There are no bail out packages for musicians, or songwriters, sculptors, photographers, creators… And yet, we desperately need the beauty of artists reflected in the world so we can find our way through the dark times.”

Please stream more music.

The Cat Empire, who are the ultimate engineers of musical good times promise it will make you feel better too. Music is scientifically seen to *“decreases levels of the hormone cortisol in your body, counteracting the effects of chronic stress”.

So, start streaming now, feel better yourself, and feel better about helping out musicians in the process by simply listening to more music.

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