Californian indie punk rockers Wavves will return to Australia in March (fingers crossed!) to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their landmark, third album, King Of The Beach. The band, led by enigmatic Nate Williams will play the album IN FULL and include some fan favourites to make their show one giant sing along party! Nate Williams answers some quick questions for Hi Fi Way.

How pumped are Wavves to be returning to Australia for another huge tour?
Very excited!

Can you believe it has been three years since the last tour?
It surely hasn’t been three years since our last tour, but it has been three years since our last album maybe that’s what you mean!

With what’s going on in the world at the moment has that changed your perspective on touring?
Nope. every couple of years people come up with something new to freak out about.

This tour is all about King Of The Beach – are you amazed that it still resonates so strongly with fans still?
I am amazed honestly. It’s insane to me that were still able to do this at all. were eternally grateful to the fans.

Do you remember making that album and the challenges you had?
It was my first record in a studio so I probably remember it more clearly than any other album I’ve ever recorded. Most of the challenges came with navigating music as a job.

What were the highlights for you when that album came out?
Realising that music was in fact my job now. It was how I was going to make a living.

Is it a tough challenge playing an album start to end?
I’m not sure I’ve never done it! We’ll find out.

Did you have to relearn some songs?
Yeah most of them actually. There are one or two we’ve never played live so I’ll just flat out have to learn them.

Have those songs changed much over the years?
They haven’t changed at all.

Are there plans for new music?
Yes we just recorded a new record! It’s currently being mastered and it will be out hopefully end of summer!

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Wavves on the following dates, tickets Destroy All Lines

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