How exciting has 2020 been so far for Coterie?
2020 has been such a ride so far, packed out shows here in Perth. Ready to hit the East Coast !

What is the story behind the single Salvation?
Salvation is a hearty one. Sometimes in life no matter your situation or circumstance, everyone needs a little help, everyone needs a hand up at some point. This song speaks to that, everyone struggles and goes thru pain so let’s be OK with saying I need a helping hand.

What was it like filming the video clip in Fremantle prison?
Filming at Fremantle Prison was wild. Unreal experience standing in the open courtyard of what use to be one of Western Australia’s biggest prisons. They took us through some of the cells and isolation areas, this definitely set the mood immediately.

What was the thought process behind going black and white with the video clip?
The black and white version was just a simple, stripped back performance from us, Coterie. We wanted the music to speak levels, and for people to see just us, our hearts for this song, and the connection to the lyrics.

Was it exciting sitting back to wait for it to appear on Rage?
Seeing the video on rage was quite surreal. Growing up watching Rage every week on TV was standard, but to be sitting there and your own music gets played, yeah pretty crazy.

How is work going on the YouTube series and what can you tell Hi Fi Way about the project?
TASTEMAKERS is a series we film where we get artists in and Coterie cover their songs. In recent episodes we’ve sorta morphed hip hop rap artists with our edges rock guitars I guess! So far we’ve been lucky to have a strong bunch of artists through the series and we’re looking to announce a bunch more names coming up in the next few weeks.

Are you looking forward to getting on the road to tour? Any plans for Adelaide in there?
Can’t wait to get on the road and tour, play our music to the other sides of the country. Adelaide will definitely be on the cards soon !

Is the band working towards an album release this year?
At the moment we’re writing, recording and releasing song by song, but an album is definitely brewing!

What does the rest of the year hold for Coterie?
Rest of 2020 – lots of shows, tours, new music, Tastemakers, more shows, butter chicken.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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